Sana Dawood Love Story in Pakistan

Sana Dawood love story in Pakistan is not only unique but it shows the true color of our rich soil which is imbued with harmony and tolerance. Love is everywhere and you can see that on the faces of those two love birds as how they are loving each other.

I really appreciate this innocent girl, she showed World, what a Muslim Women can do! How much she has power! How much she is loyal to his love! How much she loves her husband…! She also showed real track of love! She slapped at the face of Liberals & Feminists!

There is nothing like kindness, it makes you the most prettiest person no matter what you look like.Can’t believe is this still exists hats off. Dawood was a normal healthy person and was engaged to Sana. One night he was talking to Sana on phone on the roof, when his father called him downstairs and asked him to bring an iron rod. Dawood picked the iron rod and ran downstairs but the rod struck with power lines and Dawood got electrocuted.

When he woke up he was in Jinnah hospital Lahore and was unable to move. Doctors severed his legs and an arm and he just got confined to the bed. Even then Sana remained with him all the time and never left his side. She went on to marry him and now takes care of his for everything. She feeds him, bathes him, takes him to toilet, brushes his teeth and everything else. This is a rare scene even in a conservative society like Pakistan.

Salute to Sana.

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