Who was Ayaz Younus and Tragedy in Sydney

Who was Ayaz Younus and Tragedy in Sydney

Pakistani community in Australia is grief-stricken as a young student drowned in floods. Who was Ayaz Younus and tragedy in Sydney details are here. Ayaz Younus 25 years old (From Ahmadi Community Pakistan) passed away today. Father of Ayaz Younus is also shocked and sad beyond explanation in Pakistan.

Ayaz had two elder brothers and one younger sister. He was from Malir Cantt Karachi, studying software engineering. Family has requested to send the body back to Karachi. Pakistanis in Sydney have requested to consulate general to take care of this matter and offered any assistance from Pakistan association of Australia. First day at job turned into unfortunate day. A Pakistani Student Ayaz Younus found dead in his Car near Glenorie Sydney Australia. . Car got Trapped in Flood water this Morning.

One Sydney person said, “We know this person personally because he come and play volleyball with us in Marsden Park, and he discussed with me he due a payout from dominoes for harassing him if anyone knows his where about we love to help his family to get his money. He used to play with us when he comes to deliver something via Uber delivery i only have his contact number, but he was very funny guy and great player.”  The wishes and prayers are pouring from all over the world.

But people are also questioning the response of emergency services. One said, “Even within 44 minutes, no help, no police, no SES, no ambulance, no helicopter.” Another one asked,”While trapped in the car, Ayaz Younus was in contact with the emergency services before he drowned in the water. He was in contact with 000 operators from 06:24 to 07:04 in the morning.Why the emergency services could not reach him during this time?”

But truth is that we have to be fair with emergency services in Sydney on that day. To those who are questioning the slow response of the authorities. They were stretched, check the SES phone log, and many other people died and lost everything so stop winging, and join SES to help next time. So instead of getting into this useless debate lets pray for the young soul. This is the time of mourning and not mud-slinging and finger pointing.


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