Long Term Effects of COVID-19 in Pakistan

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The long term effects of Covid-19 are now being ascertained in Pakistan and worldwide as doctors scramble to analyze what happens even when people recover from the corona virus and also after getting vaccinated. There are numerous conflicting findings emerging from various parts of the country.

My father has brain fog that has made him incredibly frustrated and he also dealt with months of mood swings due to PTSD from the ordeal itself. I tested positive on February 22,then tested negative on 5th march. After 2 weeks of recovery i re experience d low grade fever, myalgias, headache and nausea. I repeated course of antibiotics. My pcr remained negative. I experience fatigue and feverish feeling on and off.

I go blank sometimes, it was 10-15 sec before,coming down to 5-6 sec. i was tested positive in June. Cough for 2-3 months after recovery. Tried to exercise (weights and all) after a month and faced severe breathing issues. A friend has had extreme cough and breathing issues after recovery. My father had weakness (was barely able to walk few steps) & it took him weeks to recover.

Three months ago was positive but Asymptomatic so just isolation was the cure and no medication during quarantine but mainly diet with ample fruits and juices. Almost every one I know in Pakistan has a relative or a friend died from corona yet the government figures have shown very low mortality. How we can record accurately to find out magnitude of problem.

Been through it , the most difficult time ever, was hospitalised. Also lost my father to it. The after effects r still there after almost 2 and a half months. Brain fog is persisting. Structuring sane sentences is a struggle, previously it was a smooth thing for me. I’m mixing up words and languages. Can’t judge the amount of salt in my own cooking anymore. If I don’t take vitamins for 2/3 days, my body muscles ache! Had it in Jan/Feb.

I tested positive in September. I am 16 and a student but i could not take classes for the next 4 months as i suffered fatigue and body pain over these months. If i tried to take a class on a day i felt better, it would result in headaches, the term brain fogging is accurate and the brain fogging led to me not able to concentrate and to low grade fever. 99 fever was persistent through these 4 months. Could not exercise or do anything even slightly physically straining or id feel body pain and fatigue. But Alhumdullilah went back to routine.

I have also suffering in covid last 20 days i feel very weak myself .feeling hyper flatnus also little bit swelling in throat. Fourth month and still struggling. In UK they have already established Long Covid as a thing and set up clinics to deal with it. Long Covid clinics in Pakistan should be established as soon as possible.

If you or a family member has faced unusual health circumstances or COVID-19 symptoms even after recovering from the virus please mention in the comments.

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