My Real Covid Story in Pakistan

Pakistanis Wlll Get Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine in 2021

Covid is for real and it’s horrors are for real too.  I see all around myself that people take it so lightly and just consider it as yet another flu. They don’t understand the importance of mask and they underestimate the pain which awaits in the unfortunate case of catching Covid. That is why I am penning my story here. Please take it seriously.

So I tested positive for Covid in June and was isolated for 14 days. The medicines I took were:

  • Azithromycin 500mg 1+1
  • tab Deltacortril 2+2
  • Tab Panadol CF 1+1+1
  • tab Surbex Z
  • Calcium 1 daily


I checked my saturation every 2/3 hours. My family members were my doctors but mainly took care of me along with my mom. I went for chest xray as well. There was a bit of issue in that due to which I started taking Deltacortril. There were issues in breathing, temperature fluctuations and a lot of distress. I had episodes of headache too alongwith. There were also random times when I felt brain freeze and brain fog and couldn’t even pickup normal stuff like phone calls.

Severe body aches and nausea. I spent most of my time making tiktoks, watching dance videos or movies. My attention span was highly impacted. Even after 6 months I feel exhausted after a bit of stressful work and I sometimes face breathing issues. Memory is impacted to some extent too. I am writing all this to let others know that this is not only about the isolation period but this disease has long term impacts. One thing which I observed during my isolation was that this disease is game of nerves. I was fine when I was happy/ distracted and I had.

Episodes of anxiety & stress when I thought that I am confined to a room. It was difficult to cry or laugh. I still feel exhausted when I dance ( which I absolutely love to). Sending you all love and hugs. I just hope Pakistan orders a vaccine which works 90-100 %. Most confuse Medication with Vaccination. Vaccination prevents from Corona virus and Medication may save your life after Corona virus has attacked your body.

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