Uniform of Lawyers and Waiters in Pakistan Controversy

Punjab and Balochistan lawyers wants waiters at hotels and wedding halls not to wear uniforms that make them look like lawyers’ ‘uniforms’. Lawyers’ ‘uniform’: black suits with white shirts. The waiters have more of a case for being denigrated needlessly to be honest. Waiters should change their dress,otherwise’honourable thugs’ in black coats will attack them,like they attacked Islamabad high court & Punjab institute of cardiology. Such a shame,this lot of thugs. Another holy cow,gangsters in black coats.

A friend of mine, Noor, escaped a bad thrashing (or worse) on 12 May 2007 by successfully convincing some MQM goons (who stopped his rickshaw on the way to court) he was a waiter. This obsession with uniform is ultra sensitive in Pakistan from top to bottom. From police to peons and now from lawyers to waiters, this has become a joke of the decade. Always so proud of our lawyers: they really get to the most existential of questions. Seems like lawyers are in superiority complex, waiters are as respected citizens as any other Pakistani, even they better reputation than lawyers.

It’s a disgrace to hardworking waiters of our country. Lawyers over the years have tarnished their image, sadly people mix them with goons and impertinent unlike glorious past. Really? Who is saying a policeman?police has always been a corrupt and immoral institution, I think name of policeman should be changed into picket man. People are being robed due to avarice of you people. Lawyer should change waiters like dress. I mean what the heck as this is such a trivial issue.

We need to move on.

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