Who is Mahsam Raza and What Has He Done

Who is Mahsam Raza and What Has He Done

Read the full real story of Mahsam Raza. Who is Mahsam Raza and what has he done in Pakistan that he is receiving such laurels and accolades from all the sides including the overseas companies. He is definitely a pride of Pakistan and a real survivor who has proven his mettle.

After so many years of struggle it was a fruitful time when Mahsam Raza fate took a turn ans sky rocketed & he became CEO of dua brand. He coped up many hard situations but he never give up and stand uo his Brand called Dua a multinational dollar company having customer based of 40 thousand people in 50 countries. A new example for all of us how you can be determined and loyal to his efforts and goals. Be like Raza Mahsam.

He did a lot of struggle and hardwork for the success. By the grace of God and his mother’s prayers he finally became successful in his business. He launched a fragrance brand in the year 2016, which became instantly hit. After 6 years of continuous hard work. His brand became multi-million-dollar company with an existing customer base of 40 thousand customers worldwide in more than 50 countries.

He has worked day and night to make it possible for the brand to reach this height and success. Sharing the story of Mahsam Raza with you all he started working at gas station, Making Socks at his brother in laws factory, After lots of prayers and hardwork Mahsam got chance to start own brand. Yes, that’s the key. If you decide to achieve something then you definitely can. N here’s the recent example.

After continuous hardwork and constant prayers for a miracle. He started his new career in the year 2015. And by February 2016, Raza launched a fragrance-sensitive brand which became superhit. All success stories are stories of failures great. The only difference is that every time they failed, they bounced back but some are really cool and true.

We often see successful people but very few of us are familiar with their struggle stories. One such story is of #MahsamRaza who fought the odds and achieved his dreams After getting laid off from the job, Masham was left shattered. He did know how was he going to feed his child, pregnant wife and mother. During this time, his mother believed in him and handed him over a certain amount. 6 years of hard work and an innumerable number of sleepless nights, The Dua Brand is a multi-million-dollar company.

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