121 Children in Islamabad Test Positive for Covid

121 Children in Islamabad Test Positive for Covid

In a harrowing news, broadcast by GEO News, 121 children in Islamabad test positive for Covid and 2 of them are on ventilator in PIMS. I am hoping to God that this news is false and GEO would double check the veracity of this news as this is very very alarming for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Geo reporting that 121 children of up to 10 years of age have tested positive for #COVID19 in Islamabad. Two children in PIMS Islamabad are said to be on a ventilator. I don’t know how the govt plans to make this situation better. Because there is zero messaging re urgency. The numbers are freaking scary. And there just doesn’t seem enough will to counter the lax attitude. That’s the doomed truth. Also: can’t really blame the ppl when the govt has been so wishy-washy — even till today.

Pakistan was one of the trial sites for this [Convidecia] vaccine but did not insist for a right to access these vaccines once produced…Our population should not act as guinea pigs, but receive a guaranteed fair share from the manufacturers”. Yeah a newborn baby is on a ventilator apparently. That is absolutely horrifying. Could it be a new strain that affects the children?

What can I say, we know so little about this virus anyway and it changes every day. Perhaps opening schools wasn’t a wise move by the all wise minister. And they’re still expecting students to sit exams in halls with over 1000 students more in 100s of different centers when they have been clearly given an alternative form of assessment through teacher assessed grades by Cambridge.

3 hrs exam. The students already sit at least one meter apart to stop them from cheating. They do not leave examination halls all at once. Whats the problem? Hey! So it’s not 3 hours exam, it varies eveey day. Plus this isn’t a single exam. They will go on for two whole month eveey single day with almost upto 50000 students appearing every day in Pakistan. Secondly about the sops, inside yes they do sit apart but not 1 meter. As much as I’d like this to happen, it gets a little difficult to fo with 600 mores students cramped in a place. Lets hope whatever happens, happens for the best.

Just trying to better understand this by knowing the demographics of the kids infected. It was earlier believed that the kids were lesser prone to the virus which is due to their stronger immune system n might be due to the vaccination they got So, what about those 121 infected? No one in #Pakistan taking coronavirus seriously and its only found in public safety messages on TV Radio and mobile ringtones. Restaurants and Malls are packed. Metro service is flooding with people of twin cities. People give a damn to #COVID19 and mask is just a tissue paper.

They never took it seriously instead their narrative was confusing since beginning which also created a confusion in public who already likes to be careless with a yahoodi sazish mindset n “kuch naee hota approach“. In country where there is poorly equipped intensive care units on top of poor expertise I can only feel sorry for the patients who land in the hospital.

Its same all over the world, the virus has mutated and now kids are its carrier. There is nobody having credibility to tell people to follow SOPs. From politicians to media persons has violated SOPs. So just pray. Is Pakistan having a new variant? Also are genome sequencing being done in labs to identify it?

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