Report Vaccination Codes and Centres Problems in Pakistan

Report Vaccination Codes and Centres Problems in Pakistan

Feel free to report vaccination codes and centres problems in Pakistan here as more and more people are finding it chaotic. Though the government has tried to make the process hassle free but still it seems that people are missing either code information or centre information or the date.

Received vaccination codes & centres for my parents, now what? Should I go to the vaccination centre directly? What time? What are the appropriate days? So disorganised everywhere with mixed messages. It is disorganised, I’d agree because you’ve to keep sending the registration messages to get the code. Some people get it in one go. There’s walk in and then 62 years of age are getting the jabs before 70 years of age. We will figure it out by this week I reckon.

Sputnik vaccine will be commercially available from tomorrow (Friday 2nd April) in Pakistan @ PKR 12,268. It will be available at government hospitals registered through NIMS and also at certain private hospitals e.g. Agha Khan & South City in Karachi; Hameed Latif in Lahore, Shifa and IDC in Islamabad. Some others hospitals are also on the panel and the list is long.

Sputnik is not even authorised for use in India; only Covishield by Astrazenca and Covaxin by Bharat Biotech are authorised and administered in India. Do I have to pay for my parents vaccination over 60s or its free? I’m getting them vaccinated tomorrow. Why cost is 6 times higher compared to India. Government fixed price of 8500 I think. Why price went high when dollar is devalued compared to last month.

What is the procedure for getting the vaccine? Is it available for everyone regardless of age? Do we go directly to the lab or hospital or do we have to register first? 12,268 is for single dose or double dose? I think its for the double dose. Vaccination in India is Free or Rs 250 if you get it at a Private hospital. As of today 6.5 Crore / 65 Million doses administered. Regarding Sputnik India will manufacture 750 million doses in this year, $10 or Rs 720 is cost to government not to people.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I want to change my centre because I cannot go Children Hospital alone, so please register myself in SIUT centre and inform me on my mobile no. 0321-8954970.

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