PTI Leader Haleem Adil Shaikh claims PDM stands divided

PTI Leader Haleem Adil Shaikh claims PDM stands divided

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf PTI  provincial vice president and the  Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly,  Mr  Haleem Adil Shaikh has said that the power-greedy Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had already been rejected by the masses and now it stood divided into factions . He said that ANP leadership by parting its ways with  PDM had  hammered  the last nail in the coffin of PDM, which was created by some political ‘orphans’ to get  into power corridors  by hook or by crook.

Speaking to the media persons  in Mirpurkhas during after his visits to the various areas of the district on Tuesday, he said that leaders of ‘Papa Daddy Maulana Bachao Movement’ were  now fighting with  one another adding he said that there was no future of such elements.  The PTI leader  claimed that those who were daydreaming to sneak into the power corridors  from the backdoor now stood exposed for petty interests. He said that the dreams of those who had formed  PDM stood shattered and  he advised them to stop doing the dirty politics. He said that the Imran Khan-led PTI government would not only complete its term in office but would also emerge victorious in the next general elections.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team members  are trying their level best to provide relief to the people across the country despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating impacts on the economy of the country. he said and added that people of Sindh would be given the health cards by the functionaries of the federal government. Mr Shaikh  said Dr Adnan had already returned back,  who according to him, had  disgraced his profession by claiming low platelets  of Nawaz Sharif. However, Mr Sharif  had  become healthy the moment he reached London .He said that now Maryam Nawzz Sharif was doing the same  tricks but she would not be given any NRO to flee the country like her father. Mr Shaikh said that rulers of Sindh also did not want those judges who were providing  justice to the people without any fear or favour.  Mr Shaikh maintained  hurling threats to judges was  tantamount to posing threats to the  whole justice system. adding he said that the lawyers should support such judges openly who were doing justice with common people of the province.

Mr Shaikh said the cases of dog bite incidents were on the rise across the province and functionaries of Sindh government were only interested to loot the public money while as many as 0.25 million stray and rabid dogs were biting and injuring the people of Sindh. Mr Shaikh  said in Sindh education, healthcare, social security and other sectors had collapsed  and the  dog bite were rising due to the rampant corruption Mr Shaikh said that lawlessness was  increasing in every part of the province and people were feeling unsafe from the unbridled goons and outlaws  . He said that corrupt rulers of Sindh had already destroyed each and every institution forcing people to commit suicides. ”

Hundreds of the people in three districts of Mirpurkhas division have died by suicides  mainly due to the abject poverty during past few years but the rulers are still  sitting cross-legged and are nothing to mitigate the unending sufferings of the people of the region” he added and came down hard on the PPP leadership for stealing the water of the shares of the poor farmers and growers allegedly  in connivance with the corrupt irrigation and S Sida officials through the illegal waterways and minors. He said that PPP leaders had crossed all the limits of ‘ political decency’ and were subjecting the poor masses to the worst political victimization in different districts and areas of Sindh. The PTI leader said that only few favorites were being provided with the gunny bags to sell  out their wheat crop at the rate fixed by the government adding he warned of the dire consequences if the farmers and growers  were continued to be treated as the step-children by the incompetent and corrupt rulers.of Sindh. .He said that it was the responsibility of the provincial government to procure the wheat from the farmers by providing them the  gunny bags without any discrimination. He said that it was the cruel joke with the farmers that the Sindh government had imposed the ban on the rice cultivation in the district, where the farmers and growers solely depended upon the paddy cultivation during the upcoming  Kharif season.

He said that PTI and its allies in Sindh assembly would fully support farmers of the districts of the coastal belt in other districts in their protest movement against such decisions by the high-ups of Sindh government. Mr Shaikh  alleged  that the provincial government had done nothing to fortify the weak and the breached points of the drains including LBOD and irrigation canals which had played havoc with the human settlements and thei standing  crops last year  during the torrential rains in  districts Mirpurkhas  division. Mr Shaikh said that if the dykes were not properly fortified they might cause massive destruction and  devastation in a number of the districts in the coming monsoon season in case of above normal rains. Mr Shah held the PPP rulers in Sindh responsible for the mess created in Tharparkar where the people were again forced to drink the highly contaminated water from wells after the mega project of RO plants miserably  to provide any relief to Tharis due to the massive corrupt practices. He said that those embezzled the funds meant for the provision of safe and clean drinking water, education and quality healthcare facilities should be taken to task and the people, who were being forced to commit suicides should be given the immediate relief.

He said that those who plundered the public money and were still busy in the dirty tricks would have  to face the music soon  adding he said that he would continue to expose such elements, who were committing the massive corrupt practices .The PTI leader  alleged that the rulers in Sindh were also harboring the criminals and drug peddlers adding he warned them to mend their ways and stop committing such heinous crimes. He said that he would continue to visit each and every part of Sindh to meet the people and to expose the massive corruption of the rulers without of any fear of being implicated in any more false cases.

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