Haleem Adil Shaikh slams Sindh govt for failing to provide vaccines

Haleem Adil Shaikh slams Sindh govt for failing to provide vaccines

Mr Haleem Adil Shaikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly  and the vice president of Tehreek-i-Insaf Sindh chapter, has said that Sindh government had miserably failed to provide any relief to the people of the province.

Mr Shaikh in a press statement issued on Thursday claimed that  stray and the rabid dogs had almost become a part of the identity of Sindh because  the corrupt bureaucracy in connivance with political personalities often swallowed up the budget allocated for control of stray dogs’ population and purchase of dog-bite vaccines.  “No vaccine would work unless the corrupt bureaucracy and ministers were administered anti-graft vaccines, he claimed.

He said that over 25 per cent children of the province were facing the complications caused by the malnutrition but the rulers were only interested in minting more money.  He said that drugs were being openly sold in the province while dog-bite cases were being routinely reported from every district of the province  but journalists were being asked not to point  out in such increasing cases. He said that the Sindh government targeted the opposition leader and the journalists who dared speak truth.

He said that people in backward areas like Thar were again forced to drink the highly contaminated water after the costly RO plants were closed down due to the massive corrupt practices adding he warned of the protest movement if the people of Sindh were not provided with the required basic facilties. He said that all government hospitals across the province were running without the vaccines of the snakebite cases and the government had left the people to die without any proper vaccination.

The PTI leader said that despite the pressure tactics by Sindh government he would visit to each and every district of the province to pinpoint the poor state of the affairs in every department adding he said that the rampant corruption by the PPP rulers had turned the province in ruins.

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