Meera in Mental Hospital – What is Reality

Meera in Mental Hospital - What is Reality

Pakistani actress Meera is reportedly been admitted to a mental hospital in United States. Meera has been entangled in court battles with her ex-husband for some time now. She has been fighting on multiple fronts including financial settlements and parental custody. It is being said that her husband submitted some documents to the social welfare and managed to declare her mentally incompetent.

Some sources are saying that she wasn’t admitted to the mental facility but only was asked to get her mental check up done and then submit the report. Meera has been in the news always for rambling and some senseless remarks but she has always appeared mentally sound and healthy. May be she has been going through so much stress that she lost it temporarily. But whatever the case, we have no right to judge her.

Allah gives her Shifa. I have never seen another person who so candidly endured all the jokes about her English and personality. She has such a big heart. A part of me really wants to pray that all those making fun of her over this news, may their beloved ones end up in Mental hospitals. But instead I pray that may Allah grant her mental health and protect us from mental illnesses as well. This is a very dreadful disease.

Meera’s mother has said that she talked to her daughter in first week of April and she was fine though very stressed out. Begum Shafqat Zahra, the mother of Meera has also said that her daughter’s ex husband might be behind all this. She is planning to fly to US very soon to pursue the matter. Mental illness is as real as any physical injury. Please mine your words when using against a vulnerable woman who can’t speak for herself. Mental Health is very important. And mental illness is very dreadful.

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