Crescent Bay Karachi Issues and News

Crescent Bay Karachi Issues and News

I live in Crescent Bay Karachi and I believe I am one of the fortunate ones in Pakistan to have this opportunity to make my abode here. Crescent Bay Karachi is the gateway of Pakistan and what a fantastic one. From facilities to security, everything is here but the best thing is its views.

Internet connectivity at crescent bay is radio signal based. The booster installed at Emaar picks up signals from Misrishah point, 12 KMs away & each apartment ends up getting 15Mbps speed. Decent enough arrangement till DHA & cable operators agree on a framework for phase 8. Finally found a place where one can walk on a proper footpath, where streets lights are functioning, no trash spread over, no wires hanging around, no celebrity gunshots, no vego cultur, proper parking. This too is DHA Khi, serene, peaceful. The only difference, it’s managed by Emaar.

The sunset, chai, the sound of waves, the sea breeze. Add a bit of a music and I am done. Nothing less than Emaar Dubai especially after Emaar’s complete take over and change of management. In the last 2 years they have scaled up everything. The real test will be once it’s fully occupied. That’s great news..I know the long-standing issue was local partners. There’s a very solid community management team in Dxb, so I’m sure they’ll assist in setting up crescent bay too, as they’ve done elsewhere.

Seaview is getting grass, plantation, all the way from chunky monkey to flag post. Karachi horticulture in action. I truly believe horticulture can really turnaround the landscape of the city. We just have to take care of these projects. Taking flight lesson for Cessna172R at SkyWings. Taking off in 30 mins from Isphani Hangar. Privately owned hangars & aircrafts. Two of them are apparently owned by a political figure from Sindh.

Karachi is on the move my friend.


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