Sir Ganga Ram Services for Lahore – Amazing Facts

Sir Ganga Ram Services for Lahore - Amazing Facts

If we take off the binoculars of religious fanaticism in Pakistan, then we will find out that there are many many Non-Muslims who have been equally responsible for the welfare and development of this region and we are still eating the fruits of their hard work, generosity and genius.

Sir Ganga Ram is one of those epic personalities. Sir Ganga Ram hospital is one of the famous places in the city of Lahore which is also called as heart of Pakistan. This heart of Pakistan is being cured by this Ganga Ram hospital for decades and still shines through. There are multiple roads and streets in his honors but the story doesn’t end there. Social welfare was in fact started by this very man in Lahore when no one actually knew what it was and how it was executed. He was also the architect of “Ghari Ward” Mayo Hospital.

We at Pknama say Happy Birthday to the Father of Modern Lahore, Sir Ganga Ram who not only built beautiful buildings but endowed schools, hospitals etc in the city. Your memory was desecrated in 1947 and 1992 but we, grateful citizens of Lahore, will never forget your contribution. We need to mark and celebrate these days to pay homage to such grand persons but also to show off the diversity and roots of our rich and tolerant culture. We are not what we seem to be today with all this TLP thing.

Statue taken down by mob in 1947, grave desecrated in 1992. This to a man who left all his money to Lahore. This is such a sad reality. I am absolutely bamboozled to here that and I wonder why didn’t someone or state authorities tried to erect memorial once again? We should remember him on his death anniversary and PTV should organise a short program in his memory. When TV channels give enough time to death anniversaries of singers & film stars incl Indian why not to Sir Ganga Ram to promote philanthropy.

I wonder how many young Lahore know about Sir Ganga Ram? Her great granddaughter is elected state senator in Vermont, USA. On the occasion of their Founder’s day, my deepest gratitude and best wishes to all the doctors, administrators, nurses and staff of Sir Gangaram Hospital for their steadfast and devoted service to society. It is indeed a pity that the Delhi government is not providing such exemplary institutions the support and solidarity they require at a time when they are fighting for all of us at the front-lines under the most trying circumstances.


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