Tragic Death of Engineer Haresh Kumar Meghwar

Tragic Death of Engineer Haresh Kumar Meghwar

A large number of relatives and people from different walks of life of Tharparkar on Friday after taking out the protest rallies in Diplo town of Tharparkar district traveled to Mithi city where they staged the demonstration at Kashmir Chowk for several hours to condemn the tragic death of one Engineer Haresh Kumar Meghwar. Vijeay Kumar, Goutam, Heeralal, Kanwal Sindhi, Naresh Kumar, Rahul Dev, and other close relatives of the deceased engineer talking to the media persons alleged that executives of the mining firms were directly involved in the tragic death of engineer Haresh Kumar, who was not provided with the timely required treatment for his cardiac complications.

They requested the high-ups of the Sindh government to order a thorough probe the tragic death by forming a high-powered committee or judicial commission The leaders of the enraged protesters said that Mr Kumar after completing his masters from China couple weeks back was employed by the mining firms engaged in the coal extraction in Block 1 of Thar Coalfields near Islamkot town, died under very mysterious conditions while performing his duties some days back. The relatives of Mr Haresh Kumar during their protest demonstrations in both towns of the desert district held the executives and officials of the mining firms responsible for his mysterious death, who according to them, turned the blind eye towards his condition after he had suffered from some cardiac pain.

They alleged that the deceased engineer before his demise contacted his close relatives and informed them that despite his deteriorating condition, the officials and in- charge officer of the unit did not bother themselves to take him to any hospital for the required medical check-up and the proper treatment. They lamented that due to the callous attitude of the officials, the young engineer died soon after after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest but he was not provided with medical assistance and they held the officials responsible for his ‘untimely death’.They maintained that had he been given timely treatment for his sudden ailment he could have survived. They said that the officials of the firms had turned the offices into living hell for the workers where nobody was being allowed to move freely even in the time of any emergency adding they also alleged that Mr Kumar despite a professional engineer was not even provided with quality food when he was not in good health.

They demanded the high-ups of Sindh government form the committee to probe the incident adding they warned to widen the scope of their protest if justice was not done with the aggrieved family. They also warned to stage the demonstration outside the main gate of the block for the indefinite period if their peaceful protest was taken lightly by the high-ups of Sindh government.The leaders of the different political parties including Comrade Nandlal Malhi, the district information secretary of PPP Tharparkar chapter , Obhayou Junejo of of Awami Tehreek, Danish Parmar of Qaumi Awami Tehreek, Saindad Hingorjo, Umar Bilawal Bajeer, Allah Bachayo Charo, and others also joined the hours long demonstration of the relatives of the deceased engineer and speaking to the media persons said that officials of mining companies engaged the coal extraction and in the establishment power houses in Block 1 of Thar Coalfields had miserably failed to come up with any clear policies of providing jobs and the resettlement for those, who were being displaced, mainly due to the massive coal mining. They alleged that despite the frequent protest demonstrations by the local people living within the limits of Block 1 the executives and officials had never bothered to negotiate with protesting villagers.

They said that if the probes were not made into such incidents Tharis would continue to take bodies of their youths from the coalfields due to inhuman attitudes of the executives towards their employees and workers. They alleged that mining companies were only interested in the coal reserves but were trampling upon their commitments and promises made with the real owners of the ‘black gold’ adding they asked them to mend their ways and stop treating Tharis as step-children. They deplored that the people of the desert district were left to die at the time when rulers were busy in raising slogans like Thar will change Pakistan adding they requested the local authorities to stop rubbing salt on the their ‘festering wounds’ inflicted through their ill-conceived policies and plans of the corporate sector.

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