Can Imran Khan Be a Bridge Between West and Pakistan

Can Imran Khan Be a Bridge Between West and Pakistan

Playboy Imran Khan of yesterday is a staunch Muslim of today apparently after marrying a lady who doesn’t go in public without veil and has got religious affiliations deeply rooted. So can Imran Khan be a bridge between West and Pakistan in specific or Muslim world at large?

I like how IK is always situating himself as a kind of cultural translator or broker between the West and the Muslim world. “They don’t understand us” and “I’ve lived with them so I know,” kinda like an anthropologist, except one who traffics in stereotypes and is mostly wrong. He simply points out that gora complex isnt something to be proud of. The thing is that his perception about West and East is very superficial and lacks intellectual depthness.

It’s a remarkable mix of Orientalism and occidental ism, stereotypes and essential ism going both ways. So true. He likes to give these sweeping statements about “west”. He is a lethal of ignorance and confidence. Ignorance, arrogance, self-righteousness, hypocrisy and idiocy. People fail to realise how much colonialism has affected our society. That and they also fail to understand that colonialism and its inferiority complex are deeply ingrained in our psych for a long long time now.

After listening to him it seems he is the only Pakistani who has lived with ‘them’ and rest of Pakistanis were born and bred in jungles. He said, “I know the west best because I have played cricket in England ‘, I wish I could put 500 corrupt people in Pakistan in jail ‘, and Ertugrul as icon of ‘the real islamic culture ‘ are but a few of the Khanistic masterpieces of obscurantism.” Some people say that he sometimes may vary off topic however his understanding of the west’s treatment of Muslims is correct.

I believe that IK is still living under some fantasy and now he needs to come out of it.


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