Two FIRs registered against land grabbers

Two FIRs registered against land grabbers

Two separate FIRs were registered against  26 owners of factories,  salt mining companies, hotels and the petrol pumps of Tharparkar district on the complaint of the wildlife official on the charges of occupying the lands of the game sanctuaries. Mr Asad Marri, the game officer  of the wildlife department Tharparkar, in his two separate FIRs registered with  Nagarparkar Police Station had accused 26 owners of the factories of China Clay, petrol pumps, salt mines and hotels  of occupying the lands of game sanctuary  and causing the irreparable losses to the natural habitats of the rare species of the wildlife.

He stated that the sanctuary comprising over eight thousands square kilometres  in Nagarparkar, Diplo and Mithi talukas had been encroached upon by the owners of those illegal structures  and the occupants  were doing massive damage to the sites.  Mr Marri  pointed out  that FIRs were registered under five relevant sections of Pakistan Penal Code and  he demanded stern actions in the light of his complaints against those nominated in the FIRs.

The game officer said  that nobody would be allowed to occupy the lands with the area which was declared as a wildlife sanctuary way back in 1980 keeping in view its importance and significance for the rare species. He claimed all those nominated in the FIRs were committing the blatant violation of the existing laws of the land  by causing the damage to the game sanctuaries and the natural habitats in different areas. However,  no arrest was made of  those, who were nominated in the FIRs when this story was filled. While, some of the nominated in the FIRs and area people showing their reaction and resentment over the registration of the FIRs said that the wildlife officials after failing to control the unabated genocide of the rare species including deer and antelopes in Parkar and other regions of the desert district resorting to committing such ugly tricks to divert the attention of the people, who were protesting against such illegal acts.

They claimed that contents of both FIRs were riddled with the serious mistakes and three persons, who had died long ago, were also nominated in the FIRs. They argued that there was the need to take punitive actions against the owners of the factories of China Clay, who according to them, had created the great troubles  for the people living in Nagarparkar and on its outskirts. They said that they would launch the protest movement if genocide of the rare species was not stopped with the stern actions against those, who were directly involved in hunting and poaching with no check or let by the same officials.

They said  that they support the officials in their sincere efforts if they moved into the transparent actions against those, who actually disturbed the sanctuary  adding they  alleged that some of the officials of the wildlife department were abetting the hunters and poachers to commit the genocide.

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