2 Months of Ramzan in 2030

It’s nothing new and it won’t happen first time in the history. In fact it has happened not so long ago when we had to observe fasts in one calendar year twice. It happened in years of 1998 1999  and then again in 2000. By 2030, it will fall in January. But because the Islamic year is shorter than the western year, it will also come round again at the end of that year.

Each year Ramadan moves back approximately 10 to 11 days as per the lunar calendar, meaning in the coming years Ramadan will be edging closer and closer to the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. Then probably again in 2031, and then 2032. It will be good for many as Muslims await this month passionately and they want to gather as much blessings as possible. This is the time when families, friends and the whole communities come closer and together.

2030 is nine years away from us, and we even don’t know what will happen to us the very next moment of our lives. Who knows where we’ll be then. January 6th to February 4th, 2030 will be the first spell of Ramadan, followed by December 26th, 2030 to 24 January the second spell. Two Ramadan months in one years. The reason for this unusual occurrence is that Islamic Calendar follows the lunar cycle (cycle of moon) not the Gregorian calendar (cycle of sun). A lunar year has 354 days, shorter than the 365 days of solar years.

Anyway, whether it’s one Ramzan or 2 Ramzans, it should be celebrated and observed with fervor and utmost devotion.


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