Jehlum Gambling and Mujra Den with Free Fahashi

Jehlum Gambling and Mujra Den

If Aamir Liaquat can deliver a Nagin dance during Ramazan, why raise eyebrows when someone in Jehlum has the bright idea of Free Fahashi advertisement in the local newspaper? Jada is a village like town in outskirts of Jehlum city, where allegedly someone named Atif Butt has advertised the following:

Jehlum Gambling and Mujra Den

Now I don’t know whether this advertisement is for real or its photoshopped but this is real funny. It’s seems like a direct pun aimed at DPO Jehlum and someone is after the executive editor of Sadai Muslim Atif Butt. I am sure the poor guy Atif Butt doesn’t even know about this and must be shocked to learn about it. The wording of the ad is unbelievably funny. When some gambling dens offer a discount to police employees and offers free mujra and return half money lost on bets, then it’s a farce.

Well just take it in a lighter mood as we already have seen a lot in Pakistan in recent days. Let’s just have some fun from this ad and don’t take this too seriously. Let’s it be a social media thingie for few laughs. Let’s not get carried away about false morality or anything like that as it’s not genuine and just a joke.

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