Chinkara of Sindh Pakistan – A Shy Animal

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One of the most beautiful animal on the planet is Chinkara of Sindh Pakistan. This shy creature is not only pretty but quite intelligent too. Of course a rarity now in the crowded Pakistan, still is considered the pride of that region which is Run of Kutch bordering with India.

Chinkara, this group at Rann of Katch of Pakistan is very shy animal and lives in grasslands, sandy deserts & plains of the foot hills. They are herbivores & feed on grasses, leaves & wild fruits. They can sustain without drinking water for many days and during this time. Chinkara is considered a sacred animal too by various tribes but unfortunately many tribes think otherwise. Many temples have their statues and there are some household which try to feed them every now and then in the wild. The chinkara is considered a sacred animal by the Bishnois, a community in Sindh’s Thar Desert. Though the Bishnois protect them, it is still extensively hunted by other communities.

Chinkara are quite genius too and always find a way to find food and water. Perhaps that is the only reason they are still visible in wild and their numbers are still not diminishing like many other species in Pakistan. They get fluids from plants they feed on. In wild it is found in small groups. The male are very territorial & never migrate. It historically has remained great victim of human for meat. Human race is by far the biggest cause of global wildlife loss.

I can only say that please respect and save Chinkara because it is companion of survival process on this earth since ages. The survey of the ungulate was carried out jointly by teams of TBTTP & Balochistan Wildlife Department in Hingol National Park, to document the status and population of Sindh Ibex, Afghan Urial and Chinkara. Flora and fauna in Hingol National Park has significantly improved after authorities took significant steps for its survival. Hingol is known to support threatened wild animals including over 3000 ibexes, and 1500 Urials and more than 1200 Chinkara, resident and migratory birds.

Let’s save Chinkara.


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