Is Covid Nature’s Way of Reducing Population in World

Is Covid Nature’s Way of Reducing Population in World is a question raised by a PTI minister in Pakistan as Covid-19 pandemic rages on with full force in Pakistan and also in neighbouring India. Both India and Pakistan are one of the most populous countries in the world.

Not only both of these countries are full of people, they are also poor, atomic powers, arch-rivals, and always for the lookout for getting more military power.  I know the title of the post seems bit heartless but many are wondering that due to the humongous number of people, it’s practically impossible for the governments in these countries to control the population. That and the same question is valid for other countries in the world which are equally adding number of people every year in astronomical figures. 

UNDP’s Pakistan National Human Development Report 2020 is full of startling revelations but its recent release could not get the media attention it deserved. Just to cite an example: Pakistan’s middle class has drastically shrunk from 42% of population in 2009 to 36% in 2019. “Patients will die….We’re hardly left with any oxygen. We’ve requested doctors to discharge patients, whoever can be discharged…Oxygen may last for 2 hrs.” – Sunil Sagar, CEO, Shanti Mukand Hospital, Delhi breaks down as he speaks about the Oxygen crisis. India records 3.32 lakh new Covid-19 cases, world’s highest single-day spike. India reports 294,115 new coronavirus cases, by far the biggest one-day increase so far, and a record 2,020 new deaths. 

I urge the Government of Pakistan and the Government of India to put aside their old grievances and think of their country. How to eradicate a disease like Corona virus together. Two of Delhi’s top hospitals reported that their oxygen supplies will last for just 6-12 more hours. The crunch comes as Delhi struggles to cope with an unprecedented daily surge that reached 32,000 last evening. The situation is pretty bad there. Patients are running out of oxygen, I’ve seen images where people are sleeping on roads with o2 cylinders carried by family members. Don’t let the human in you die & pray for them despite of political tensions between us.

The irony is way more serious and moronic than we think. South Asia’s two nuclear powers. One is India an the other one is Pakistan. One has no vaccine and the other has no oxygen and the last missile test they both was just this month with all the fanfare and pomp. Now both are struggling to provide basic healthcare to their people. At least the developed world has the plan and the priorities but these 2 countries are as silly as every and heartless too I would say.

As we live our day to day lives, let us continue to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions when it comes to Corona Virus. May every being survives this hectic time.

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