Interview with Tweep Gamak Sinha @GamakSinha

Please introduce yourself in few words?
-> I’m just a simple Indian girl with quite a few skills . I’m a classical and pop singer, Kathak and belly dancer , theatre and mimicry artist, I write as well !

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
-> well talking about professional accomplishments , I was one of the top 20 vocalist among 1 million artists participating in an international contest but to me moral accomplishments have greater value . I recently assured that covid services are provided to people with the help of my friends on twitter and that really seems bigger than anything else to me .

What is one thing you cannot do without?
-> socialization . I’m the most extrovert person I’ve ever known haha! I cannot tolerate Isolation or loneliness . I need to meet new people , learn new things , explore and be around a company of people constantly.

What is your favorite food?
-> NORTH INDIAN Red heart

Your favourite tweeps?
-> literally most of the Pakistani twitter users hahaha !!!

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
-> I used to love Instagram but, Twitter apparently

What are your healthy habits?
-> I don’t one at all . I’m a type of person who doesn’t live a day similar to yesterday. Things in me and about me keeps changing even when it comes to preferences . Even when it comes to having a good habit I can’t find one . Well, I never not greet anyone elder than me . But that still is normal human decency so yeah ..nothing

Your all time favourite movie?
-> Mughal-e-Azam Red heart

Your all time favorite song?
-> there are so many Loudly crying face but to name one of them I’d say ‘ mere naina sawan bhaado ‘ by Lata ji and kishore ji from the movie mehbooba .

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?
-> just to have my own farm house , country side with lots and lots of animals . Also I’d love to shift to another earth please .

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
-> I mean if it’s a vacation then Rajasthan and Kashmir even though I have never been to Kashmir and if it’s a location then a beach or a hill station would be pulchritudinous.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
-> by catharsis , I do the dynamic meditation by OSHO . I let it all out . That’s the best way .
Also music always ALWAYSSSS helps. If we need instant results then just play games with children ( running with them is a compulsion )

Your message for readers of
-> crying is something we humans are gifted with . No other specie has the power to express and cathart like humans . Please never ever keep things suppressed inside you it’ll just make you an eccedentesiast .
Also in these difficult times please take care of yourself and if possible do everything in your power to help others through whichever source possible . Take care of your physical health and most importantly your mental health .


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