Nukes are Not Vaccine for Coronavirus

Lot of people make a pun or fun of the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear state and yet it cannot overcome the Coronavirus. These people forget that Coronavirus is a pandemic which spans the globe and has nothing to do with nuclear technology.

US and most of Europe and Russia are nuclear power and far better in resources than Pakistan and yet they are at their knees due to this pandemic. Look at another regional nuclear power India which is in worst condition right now. Nukes are not vaccine which could cure the disease or at least could ease the suffering. Nukes cannot be injected into the people. Nukes cannot be made into tablets and washed down with glass of water. Nukes cannot scare coronavirus away.

Yes you cannot point at the inefficiency of this PTI government that instead of focusing on obtaining the vaccine they spent time on bashing the opposition. Sadly, Nuclear Pakistan is facing humiliation on every front. Failure to procure Covid vaccines in time to protect the lives of the people is criminal negligence. When will the rulers have mercy on the people? When will their sufferings end? But you cannot say that Nuclear Pakistan is the reason why we are in this trouble at home.

How many countries complete the vaccination course? May be no one. A lot of complications occurred after vaccination shots. Peoples are suffering under the most incompetent regime in the history of Pakistan. Covid is a global issue. Many of the developed countries r facing challenges in securing supplies @ a premium price. In Pakistan it’s so bad because of a clueless regime. Sad fact. PTI government is only relying on donations for vaccines. That too are being provided by China only. This is criminal negligence on the part of authorities. No one is thinking of public and their leader says he is satisfied with his performance of last 3 years.

The best leaders are those most interested in surrounding themselves with assistants and associates smarter than they are. They are frank in admitting this and are willing to pay for such talents. Most important for our nation is to stand United and not fall prey to dividing slogans of politicians. Let us respectfully disagree with each other on political ideologies (for me PTI, PPP, PMLN are the same). Every PM wants good for Pak regardless of the outcome or effort.

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