Who is Reena Meghwar and Her Video Story

Another day and another exploitation in Sindhi girl. Who is Reena Meghwar and her video story is heart-wrenching. I hang my head in shame after seeing that Pakistani girl who happens to be a Hindu and in minority but as a Pakistani I couldn’t really justify what happened to her.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has repeatedly termed Marriage is a “civil contract”. Under the Contract Act 1872, no person below 18 can do contract – provided that her guardian entered into that on her behalf. That makes presence of her guardian mandatory during Nikkah. No if & but. Victim’s 164 statement isn’t the end. Tragic, after 164 statement the case is disposed of and the right to the cross-examination of her guardians is held in abeyance.

If we can’t bring Special Law – due to beards, at least strengthen General Laws + practice. I requested to all concerned quarters to early release of reena maghwar this is brutal captivity in hand of powerful people & so called Muslim conversion. This video shows she was not go on her will. Everyone should have the right to practice their religion in a Islamic state no matter who they are No one should be forcefully converted with power or any other means.

We should protect other religious minorities among us. It’s high time an amendment for formation of a board shall be introduced in Sec 365B & 496A PPC. If converted-girl gives statement tht she went+ married without the consent, shall be examined by: District & Session Judge, body language expert, psychiatrist & others. This is high time it’s done. If Reena Meghwar doesn’t get recovered soon or if authorities doesn’t save her, I’ll myself fill election forms against PPP reps in next elections. Enough with exploitation, save minorities or lose your seats.

If we accept that Reena Meghwar is living happily married…question is that, why is she being refrained from meeting her parents, visiting her home? Does Islam stop any converted person to meet her/his parents? Sindh government is the most shameless thing on this planet. They cannot even protect the social and basic rights of Sindhis. Reena Meghwar who was forcibly converted in Feb 2021, cries for help to go back home.

Th way police officer is enquiring her sounds that police is also involved in concealing the real story behind it. When your law enforcement institutions accomplice the crime of forced conversion, you can’t expect justice from this state. Everyone deserves basic human rights regardless of religion, gender and nationality. Authorities should take notice of such incidents and save girls from forced conversion.

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