MTJ Nara Price Photos Website

MTJ Nara website photos price

Update: MTJ spokesperson has clarified this news about the drawstring or Nara is fabricated and it has not truth in it. MTJ clothing is not selling any Nara for Rs. 500 and all the news about this merchandise is false and fabricated.

MTJ Nara has become really popular among men and women for their shalwar requirements in Pakistan as we all know that you cannot wear or manage the shalwar without a nara. Nara is an integral part of clothing in Pakistan as without it there will be no balance in the national dress. The price of MTJ Nara is only Rs. 550. 

Nara is for shalwar what belt is for a trouser. Who would have know that Nara would get such a fame and popularity on social media as would start selling it on premium with a brand. Branded MTJ Nara has really become a fashion icon in Karachi and other parts of the country and soon it will be available in other countries too. Overseas Pakistanis are looking forward to it too though they know they cannot wear that in public or in their offices abroad but it’s still a fashion statement.

Introducing Maulana Tariq Jameel, MTJ, branded “Nara”, “Azarband” of all things may sound like a joke but it’s a reality. Even other Molvis who have restricted their selves to Mosques and sidestepped the worldly success should understand that religion doesn’t stop you from doing a business. Tariq Jamil’s sermons about business can be criticized but not his idea of business. If MTJ sells this phool wala Narra what price would it be according to you?

A hoor in paradise, as described by MTJ, will show thousands of different kinds of nakhra in one step.  But not this Nara. This Nara will not show you attitude except for the first time when you will pay its price online or in store. By the way I am wearing MTJ for the first time, Totally amazed by the quality fabric and it is perfectly stitched, Highly recommended. And there is nothing wrong with wearing a branded nara no matter how much you have paid for it. Just wear it with pride.

And hey make sure you hang on to it as now may be the street criminals in Karachi would start snatching naras instead of mobile phones.


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  1. I love Tariq Jameel brand it’s awesome.

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