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SAGs in Exam in Pakistan is a real issue for students. Why everything has to be difficult and cumbersome in Pakistan? Why everything has to be so uptight and marred with controversy here? I know that Covid has disrupted the life in so many ways but its been more than a year and we are still grappling with the basic issues such as education during pandemic in Pakistan.

Cambridge students are demanding the minister approach the UK examination board to allow Pakistani students to opt for school assessed grades (SAGS). The students are appealing to you shafqat mahmood. The Schools are appealing to you. The parents & teachers are appealing to you to have Pakistani students evaluated through School Assessed Grades. How many will you block, ignore & dismiss as “nobodies”? This is not good for the students and everyone else involved.

Dear Parents please email your schools to whom you pay millions in fee every yr & ask them to at least show the responsibility of issuing a public statement to support School Assessed Grades so that your children whom the schools claim to be invested in don’t lose out on a year. The list of Schools supporting School Assessed Grades will keep increasing. How many will you deny, criticise & deem inferior in wisdom compared to you and the provincial ministers? Don’t waste more time get us SAGs.

Shafqat Mahmood at least 9th and 11th class cannot delay their exams more we have to take admission in college and universities next year the more these will delay the more our admissions would be delayed just take a wise decision of School Assessed Grades. There is only one month left in board exams of 9,10,11,12 if you can’t promote all classes at least promote 9th and 11th by School Assessed Grades these classes have also a class ahead through which their result can be calculated please sir take a deep look into this issue.

Fed Edu Minister opposes School Assessed Grades but Aitchison, Beacon House, City School, LGS, Roots Ivy, Roots Millennium, Learning Alliance, Mama Parsi, Nixor, LACAS, SICAS, Bloomfield Hall, IIUI, Cedar College, Bay View, Headstart etc all support SAGs. All the major colleges/schools support the decision and it’s in the best interest of students. Otherwise hand over the position to someone competent enough. A majority of school have came across the idea getting SAGs but pur very own education minister shafqat mehmood is still not doing anything for it

Cambridge Assessment International is just an example of this. CEO Roots Millennium Faisal Mushtaq expresses support for the students throughout Pakistan, but he has serious advice for Students, Government & CAI. He has said that students should show some respect. CAI (Cambridge Assessment International) should show compassion. Government must show flexibility. He also pays tribute to teachers for hard work and their commitment, which shows their duty of care.

I agree with Faisal Mushtaq in so many ways. Thank you for listening to our concerns sir really glad to have you on our side. He is right but I want to clarify one thing that he said at last the syllabus of board students is not reduced it is just reduced by the name. I am a 12 standard board student and you can ask any of the board students or teachers and you will get the same answer. By the way I also support  O level and A level students in Pakistan. 

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