Who is Myra Zulfiqar and Her Full Story Behind Murder

Who is Myra Zulfiqar and Her Full Story Behind Murder

Sad news of a young British-Pakistani woman of Belgian origin murdered in Lahore yesterday. Initial reports suggest Myra Zulfiqar was shot dead in her home. Her uncle has told police she was being threatened by two men who wanted to marry her. More details emerging still though. So who is Myra Zulfiqar and her full story behind murder.

Myra Zulfiqar, a Belgian national of Pakistani origin has been murdered in Lahore. Her case must be thoroughly investigated and killers must be brought to justice. Her her husband, father & Gogi Butt Gang members must be investigated. I was referring to the media outlets white washing these gangsters. First time I read of a gangster referred to as a businessman was Tipu ergo the original businessman. These gangsters are only after money, lust and easy time.

I still remember the famous video of Gogi Butt birthday cake with a lion sitting on the cake. Gang members are celebrating the birthday and Gogi Butt is sitting like an emperor there cutting and eating the cake amidst crazy music. Some people say that these gangsters have political affiliations with PTI and PMLN, but the thing is that they are always on the power side. They don’t have any political acumen or conceptual leanings towards any political party and they have no ethics.

We are being ruled by people who have mentality of local thugs, we’ve plenty here in Lahore. Names like late Maja Sikh, Gogi Butt, Truckanwalla something, Abid Boxer folks like that. Basically criminal syndicates trying to enforce their will be brute force. Nothing more. f anyone ever feels bored he or she can watch You Tube videos of gangsters of Pakistani Punjab. Now more than fun, these people are after overseas Pakistanis and whenever they see a lone expat woman they start salivating.

Atif ch, Arif Ch, Imran Zaidi, Bobby Gujjar, Sunny Prince,Gullu Butt, Pomi Butt, Gogi Butt Loafers of Bhatti gate, Lohari gate, and Texali Gate and the list goes on about these gangs of Lahore.  There should be only one place in the society for land grabbers, extortionists, paid assassins, drug peddlers like jagga gujjar, Mansha Bombs, Gullu Butts, Owais Tappi, double shahs, accha shukerwala, billa truckanwala, gogi butt, and it’s a prison cell with isolation and strict punishment.

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  1. Such a sad story. She must be thinking to go abroad if she could get a chance but our Loafar dominant society even snatched her soul. It is parents who are saving their daughters here or the goons outside would have no shame in humiliating every Daughter of the Fatimah Bint Muhammad. Such a sad reality.

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