Real Story of Mahira Zulfikar and Zahir Jadoon Love Murder

Real Story of Mahira Zulfikar and Zahir Jadoon Love Murder

The bold and beautiful London born girl Mahira Zulfikar was full of life. She was the life of parties and social circle. She left London a year ago after getting estranged with her parents and move to Lahore Pakistan to start a new chapter in her life. 

After moving to Lahore, she started sharing a flat with one of her friends and started living here and expended her social circle. As she was pretty, single and liberal minded with British accent so many wanted her company and two of her friends wanted to marry her. This is when things started to go bitter. Mahira didn’t grasp the grim reality that Pakistani culture doesn’t really accommodate the mixed gender friendship and it only means one thing here especially for the boys.

Mahira Zulfikar was living in Feltham, west London and it was totally different life from Lahore. In London she was free bird where she was a law student at Middlesex University and went on to work as a paralegal at law firm Duncan Blackett. She was a free spirit in London and was kind of a rebel. She was very bright student and loved to travel around the world. She was also very active on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and she also used whatsapp a lot.

Lahore police called Mahira’s father in London, who called Mahira’s uncle in Lahore. Her uncle who filed a legal claim against the two suspects rushed to Mahira’s flat to find her lying in a pool of blood. She was already died and was bleeding from the neck. Mahira’s uncle said that she already had complained to him about two of his friends teasing her. Mahira’s uncle said that she was very scared of her friends and she asked him to talk to them which he promised but in vain.

It’s a great tragedy for the family of Mahira and her parents are right now thought to be travelling to Pakistan and police say no arrests have been made. Mahira’s family is also to blame as they shouldn’t have let a lone girl living alone in Lahore.

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