Interview with Tweep Aamer Iqbal @DrAamer

Interview with Tweep Aamer Iqbal @DrAamer

Please introduce yourself in a few words?
I am Dr Aamer Iqbal, and I help individual reduce their risk of chronic disease by making relevant lifestyle changes. I graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore and later trained in chest medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute and its associated hospital, the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. After decades of clinical practice, I have now shifted toward prevention of disease.

What is one thing you cannot do without?
Something to read.

What is your favourite food?
Greek cuisine is my favourite, though no particular food item.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
Nothing of headline material, but I am pleased with having coached a few young people to emerge from the dumps and make something of their lives.

Your favourite tweeps?
Everyone has their unique genius. The list is long.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Twitter, followed by Instagram.

What are your healthy habits?
Choose my food, choose my thoughts, choose my friends, and physical activity.

Your all time favourite movie?
More than one.

Your all time favourite song?
Prefer jazz and classical, no particular favourite.

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?
I’ve been very blessed and I don’t think I have many left. I would like to see people more in control of their emotions and tolerate different opinions.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
The Lake District in England.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
Avoid knee jerk reactions, breathe, this too shall pass, take relevant action.

Your message for readers?
Choose your friends, choose your thoughts, you’re okay as you are. Celebrate your onlyness.

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  1. Mehjabeen Abidi-Habib | May 8, 2021 at 12:59 pm | Reply

    Dr Amir is one of those old fashioned health professionals who does not overmedicate and tries to understand the whole person in his efforts to help and heal. He operates compassionately and is aware of the hazards of the medical industry. More doctors need to learn from him.

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