How to Volunteer For Cleanliness Activity on Margalla Hills

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Margalla Hills is probably one of the most prettiest and accessible location in Pakistan for the masses to enjoy and nurture the nature. But these hills have become dirty especially the trails and picnic spots. So how to volunteer for cleanliness activity on Margalla Hills. 

Volunteering for cleanliness activity on Margalla Hills. Unfortunately many many people leave their waste after aftari in the forest area and on the way up and down. British High Commissioner to Pakistan. Former DNSA & HC to Kenya, Christian Turner highlighted the issue. Today we gathered our teams and helped the sanitation teams in keeping the forest areas clean.

British High Commissioner @CTurnerFCDO collecting littering during his morning walk from Islamabad. He reminded our Holy Prophet’s saying that “Cleanliness is half of the faith”. At F-11 cows & buffaloes grazing in streets, roads, parks & grounds thus making area dirty & filthy.Do you want people to then carry their junk in their bags? I mean they shouldn’t throw them like that but there should be some fixed bins installed after every 100 m or so and should be emptied regularly.

Monal is the root cause of all this scum on hills. My question at very 1st place. How they have been granted to construct concrete building in the middle of MHNP. He has damaged the nature . Is there any law exist to question this construction? Hopefully these gestures will awaken civic sense and help bring about real culture change. Educate people through TV commercials to learn not to trash the country. Awareness is super important.

Why always we take actions after someone point us .Why not we follow proactive approaches.Why always we give chance to someone point out our bad things?? Are we are dead from inside? @dcislamabad sir are we going to teach them as well or putting signs board to make them feel shame. How many more days will the clean-up last before it goes back to square one?

Appreciated, but why did it take a foreign diplomat’s tweet to spur things into action? If known that people leave behind litter at iftar, why isn’t it cleaned up soon after and why no enforcement to guide and fine? Some public shaming might do the trick. Set some examples. We need serious soul searching. No country in world has to hire people to clean natural places like mountains and jungles. Qudos to CDA but how long we can keep up this. Only solution is people take ownrship of city.

But why should have a commercial outlet in park area destroying the flora n fauna. Monal has opened floodgates of commercial activities in protected area n destroyed serene area of its natural habitants. Hotels farm houses restaurants. Case study on how to destroy green areas. That is the issue in National Forest areas, where no building of any kind is permitted, as well as no tree cutting, but where a big restaurant has been built, which is also costly.

Instead of these gimmicks, perhaps the Office of the Deputy Commissioner should have allocated resources for this in addition to launching an awareness campaign. Why an action is usually taken only after an issue is highlighted by a Twitter influencer. There should be garbage bins and signs of paying penalty for throwing trash in public places and parks. There should be park rangers to issue fines in the spot.


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