Profile of Dr Faridon Setna Freddy and His Life Story

Profile of Dr Faridon Setna Freddy and His Life Story

Karachi has produced many stars over the decades but the name of Dr Faridon Setna is in another cluster and his services are par excellence. Dr. Freddy was an angel and such a thorough gentleman who always put patients and suffering humanity first.

Karachi has lost an icon. Rest in Peace dear Dr Faridon Setna ( Freddy). Deepest condolences to Dr Zaryab & family. He gave his life and soul to his patients and to Lady Dufferin Hospital. This hospital is State-of-the-art women’s hospital in Karachi providing obstetric, gynecological and Neo-natal healthcare facilities to the underprivileged mothers. I still remember my father telling me that women used to travel from Quetta, Peshawar and remote areas of GB to get their treatment.

One doctor said, “I had the privilege of working with him and his team on the renovation of Lady Dufferin Hospital. He was a sincere and devoted professional with passion for improving the facilities at the Hospital. Heartbroken that old friend,comrade, doctor, and humanitarian par excellence, Dr Faridoon Setna passed away. His philanthropy was legendary.Spent years rebuilding the Lady Dufferin Hospital and chairing its charitable Trust with him, for him to run with integrity& compassion.”

Dr. Freddy was the Clinical Director of The Fertility Clinic. The good doctor was always learning and teaching the people and was so empathetic. He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UK and did his training in Scotland. He was the former Medical Superintendent of the Lady Dufferin Hospital, in Karachi, and was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his contributions to the field of maternal medicine in Pakistan.

He was the man behind babies in Karachi. He was an expert to cure high-risk obstetrics, complex gynecological problems and infertility treatments. For five decades he serviced the people of Karachi. He was an exemplary humanitarian Dr.Faridon Setna. He was so wonderful, prayers of so many of us mothers and children now adults he helped bring into this world go with him, Ameen.

What a loss. Rest in peace Dr Faridon. Condolences to Dr Zaryab. We are proud of him. Karachi is proud of him. He will be missed. The good men are leaving the city and the country. The newer lot is not as good as the old one. This is too depressing a news. May he rest in eternal peace after a life of unrelenting good work. This is the kind of service which restores trust in human race.

An icon indeed. For all that he gave to society, for all his kindness, humanity and grace, for the gentle soul that he was…Dr.Setna will be so deeply missed. Not only the staff of hospital but the society at large will miss him for a long time. Grieved on sad demise. Heartfelt condolences towards his family. A fine person, thorough gentleman, excellent Doctor and the rare few in this city who enjoyed Opera. Rest in peace Dear Friend. You’ll be missed.

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