Who is Shehroze Kashif and What Has He Done

Pakistan’s youngest climber Shehroze Kashif successfully climbed highest peak Everest (8848-m) this morning. Shehroze Kashif age 19, is from Lahore, he climbed Broad peak at age of 17. Pakistan’s Shehroze Kashif seems to have made it to the summit of Mount Everest (8848.86 m).

This morning Kashif successfully climbed the Mt. Everest as a part of Seven Summit Treks – Everest Expedition 2021. Seven Summit Treks has a network of experienced professionals spread across Nepal, China and Pakistan, who will strive to make your trekking and mountaineering experience worthwhile. We have personnel, whose prime purpose is to facilitate your goal of mingling with nature, or of conquering it. And it goes without saying that we keep the safety of our clients, our number one priority.

With his eyes on the summit which is only a matter of couple of days now, the youngest climber on Everest this season and youngest Pakistani attempting to set foot on the highest point of the world, Shehroze Kashif. The 19-year-old,mountaineer Shehroze Kashif has become the youngest Pakistani to climb 8000m mountain.He started climbing at the age of just 12 from 3000m &took his passion to the next stage by reaching 4& then 6000 &now to 8000.

Shehroze Kashif about to become youngest Pakistani to climb Mount Everest, he has already entered the death zone (8000+), he will push towards summit tommorrow morning InshaAllah, and Sirbaz Khan has reached C3 he will climb toward C4 in the morning. “As the distance between me and the summit decreases, I would like to request whole Pakistan to pray and be ready for the moment.”, said by Shehroze. Wife of Shehroze is also very happy and so is Shehroze family.

In the words of Shehroze:

After years of wait and prep, the moment has arrived finally so it is getting very hard to control my emotions. I’m bursting with excitement, energy and determination. The last couple of years I have done all I could to prepare and be ready for this moment. From research to physical training, from dreaming to motivating myself, yes, I have done it all. I am into mountaineering for years but this expedition is one of its kind. Despite becoming a commercial route, there is no denial to the fact that Everest is not a piece of cake. Take out the prepared route, ladders and ropes, and you get the toughest mountain in the world to climb with all kind of hazards. Just imagine going through Khumbu Icefall on your own without ladders, ropes and safer route markings. Western Cwm and Lhotse Icewall are later challenges and then the never-ending climb to the world’s highest point. Simply, Everest commands respect!


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