What This Covid Patient Did in His Last Moments – Speechless

What This Covid Patient Did in His Last Moments
What This Covid Patient Did in His Last Moments

I am totally speechless after learning what this Covid patient did in his last moments in the hospital. Sums up the pain and choked emotions. Not only this story is moving but one also learn about the suffering of doctors and nurses and other staff in the hospitals.

Today, towards the end of my shift, I video called the relatives of a patient who is not going to make it. We usually do that in my hospital if it’s something they want. This patient’s son asked for a few minutes of my time. Initially I was bit perplexed but then I happily complied. He then sang a song for his dying mother. He sang Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi.

I just stood there holding the phone, looking at him looking at his mother and singing. The nurses came over and stood in silence. He broke down in the middle but finished the verse. He asked her vitals, thanked me and hung up. Me and the nurses stood there. We shakes our heads, our eyes moist. The nurses went back one by one to their allocated patients and attended to them or the alarms of vents/dialysis units. This song is changed for us, for me at least. This song will always be theirs.

It needs to have guts to be a doctor or nurse!! I was not having it. What makes a person Good doctor is not only knowledge of medicine and its application: it requires ability to treat the patient until last without being blown by the pain & emotions of patients & their beloved. Praying that her family gets all the strength in the world Folded hands the stories being the statistics are the reality of this situation, it might just show as a number in the list, but for someone that number is their entire universe.

I lost my mother when I was in 7th Standard. I remember the entire day how we spent that day . Remember each and every moment when she started collapsing . Today when I am 30 Yr. Old still miss her and don’t have any option. Hope she is looking at me. It’s been several minutes I am still here trying to process everything, it’s really not easy. I pray for the boy and his family to be able to stay strong. Thanks to you and your team for being empathetic while on duty. It is severely missing in present day healthcare.

Doctors must be seeing tragedies unfold day in and day out. Obviously this must create severe psychological stress. Are hospitals offering any doctors and staff psychological counseling and other support systems? Fair question but the hospitals aren’t even offering proper physical care for the patients, do you really think they an iota of empathy to offer counseling?

That feeling of looking at another human gasping for air……I wouldn’t wish this ailment on my worst enemy.

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