Pakistani Girls Review of Photos on Youtube Indian Channel

Pakistani Girls Review of Photos on Youtube

Many Pakistani girls have been posting their photos and videos of Eid dresses, mehndi, jewelry, and other stuff on the social media and some desperate boys from India (mainly Modi bhagats)have taken those photos and have made a  youtube channel out of it and they have also put in some ads to generate revenue. This is monetization at its lowest.

Cherie on the Twitter has also warned the girls about it, “Be careful posting your Eid pictures girls. These creeps out there are actually running a YouTube channel on them , taking money for it.”  Tarun Gautam from India was a good soul who exposed this channel and warned the people about it.

Tarun said on Facebook:

Do you know what happened on Twitter Today? As it’s Eid today so many Pakistani girls and boys (Indians as well) posted their Eid photos, very well dressed and beautiful as well. People were appreciating and everything was going well until the Indian Right Wing jumped in. Do you know what they did? They live streamed on Youtube and began to check out the photos of Pakistani girls. With that, they passed comments like “She if Flat,‌ iske haath achche hain, ye waali bahut maza degi…etc”. All of them are Male Hindutva supporters. All Modi fans. I can name them as well if you want to check their IDs. Now when those girls got to know about it, most of them deleted their pics, many of them made their accounts private. They were Celebrating their festival until these scums decided to ruin it for them. Is this what your Hindutva stands for? Is this what you learn in your Shakhas? Is this how you hate Pakistan? Is this how you treat your women? I am ashamed as an Indian. To all my beautiful friends, sisters, here and in Pakistan, who suffered because of Indian RW, I apologise to you. We are extremely sorry that it happened to you. I am hopeful that appropriate action will be taken against them.

Above tweet shows that it’s not the country or nation which are bad but only few people who could be anywhere. At least a good gesture. We can deal with such forces together to bring peace and harmony in the region. Mentioning only male Hindutva supporters is not entirely right. I’ve gone through all the tweets and replies of those accounts n right wing girls were equally involved in that nefarious activity which is even more worrisome. It’s the mindset that believes this is fine.

I felt so disgusted just by the thought of it i don’t know how those girls would have felt. Hope other Indians are condemning it too. Ironically many so called nationalists behave in ways that reflect very poorly on their country (not just Indian nationalists, in other countries too).

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