Helmet Wali Sarkar Video Reality and True Story


These days social media is abuzz with the weird and strange video of Helmet Wali Sarkar pir where a girl is singing a devotional song and Pir entered the hall while people are showering notes on him. The Pir then sits on a cushion like he is riding a bike amidst currency notes.

Now the reality is that it’s not a pir and it’s not some sort of devotional setting. It’s a village wedding scene where the person wearing the helmet is a groom who is just doing it differently. The people surrounding him are his relatives and friends and this is just all a drama for the social media. I know this sounds weird  but this happened in the remote Chakwal region of Punjab in Pakistan and a person from that village informed me about it. This is just a setting for the social media.

The reason why people were quick to term it is some dargah and pir or aastana or urs sort of thing because such weird things are very common in Pakistan and you often see people showering notes on such characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually copies it and start a pir khana with this helmet thing. As it already viral and famous so someone might have a bright idea of cashing it on and starting that chain of religious scam anywhere in the country.

Again education and awareness is the key here.


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One reply on “Helmet Wali Sarkar Video Reality and True Story”

everything was so natural, people dont seem to be in a wedding. if this was made up scene, whole crowd should be given Oscars for their natural acting. i would suggest you double check with your source, try another source.

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