Jahangir Tareen Group Members Full List

Jahangir Tareen Group Members Full List

Until the 90’s, Jahangir Tareen had nothing. He was an ordinary professor at the Punjab University. Today, he is one of the richest person in Pakistan, there should be accountability for everyone. Jahangir Tareen’s sugar mills produce 60,000 tonnes and are the trading corporation’s largest contractor, which installed IPP plants with an investment of Rs 15 billion.

Jehangir Tareen may be the most corrupt person of Pakistan but its the same person who ran the kitchen of Imran Khan for years. It was his plane which was used by Imran for years to run his campaign and also for his other domestic things. It was Tareen money which was lavishly spent by Imran Khan during his multiple weddings and it was Tareen resources which were consumed by many in PTI.

40 members of both houses of the Parliament were demanding justice from the premier. Tareen said he had money in the proper manner and added he did not earn money in politics. Few of prominent ones with Jehangir are:

  • Raja Riaz
  • Saeed Akbar Nawani
  • Noman Langarial
  • Salman Naeem

Farukh Habib said Imran Khan will not bow to blackmailing. Farukh said the premier will stand firm for the sake of accountability. Tareen had said that he was ready to face any inquiry but to drag his son into the case was unjustified. But PTI supporters say that “Jahangir Tareen Just thrown himself in the Dustbin of History! He shouldn’t have crossed our red line which is Imran Khan.”

Jahangir Tareen is the rug that seems to be pulled from underneath ImranKhanPTI. Let’s see now if skipper could get through without the help of the sponsors. They have formed a group called “Jahangir Tareen Hum Khayal Group”. And will present themselves in National and Provisional Assembly. Same bunch of crook families. They are opportunistic who penetrate from party to party whoever they fell is going to win. Corruption is penetrated in our blood. Without it all of us feel like we are choking.


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  1. Saadia Hafeez | August 8, 2021 at 9:26 pm | Reply

    I would like to share my experience as a business family . Politics are not beneficial for respectful business community. Political people used them first and then kick them out.

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