Can I take Pfizer or Astra Zeneca after Covaxin or Sinopharm

Pakistanis Wlll Get Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine in 2021

Q: Can I take Pfizer/Astra Zeneca/JJ after getting vaccinated with Covaxin or Sinopharm etc? Can I mix and match vaccines?

As of today, I’d say no. It’s being studied. Besides rare exceptions don’t mix.

This WILL change. Wait 2-3 months instead of taking a blind risk.

Issue is in pakistan initially sinopharm was at vaccine centres n now there is sinovac n mostly astrazenica . Many people whose 1st shot was of sinopharm now getting 2nd shot of astrazenica . So shud this practice b stopped? Plus as far i think astrazenica is not for below 40? Not correct pakistan is giving sinopharm to only those who got the first dose of sinopharm and astrazeneca and sinovac to those who are getting their first doses.

What to do if we have shortage of vaccine?? like I had my first dose of Covaxin and after 4 weeks I should take second dose… if I dont get second dose till 6 or 8 weeks and afterwards I get a chance for Pfizer? Can I take that? Sir, reason of very high cases of mucormycosis in India apart from high steorids and impure water. Heard of few cases with reporting of this disease within 2-3 days of hospitalisation which possibly rules out earlier reasons? New variant causing it?

What happens if we wait 16 weeks for the 2nd CovishieldVaccine dose? I heard the 1st dose is only effective for 12 weeks? (The government seems to have extended the duration between the 2 doses beyond the recommended amount.) Doctor can we take Astra Zeneca vaccine?? Is this true it is causing blood clotting?? Can be safe for parents over 40 and 50? Yes, my whole family have been vaccinated with AZ, and everyone is doing well. Mild fatigue, fever for 1 day post vaccination.

I took cansino from Karachi and Pfizer 1st shot from aboard & feeling absolutely ok. Dont you think only pfizer and american vacaciones are best ? Dont underistimate Covaxin and doesnt need comparison with Chinese Vaccines. Real question is how many days antibody last ? When to get vaccinated again. If I already vaccinated with vaccine A(Both shots) , can I take vaccine B when it’s time to take vaccine again weather it is 6 month or 1 year ?

Can I take a vaccine immediately after I recover from Covid-19,or should I wait for 3-4 monts as I have antibodies present in my body? How about after 6 months of getting initial dose? Can someone get the different vaccine? What about getting a complete doze of Sinopharm (2 shots) and getting Pfizer shots two months later? Should lactating women take covishield or covaxin in india ? Can she go for it ?

UK has approved second dose with pfizer after first dose with astra zeneca vaccine,for people under 65 years of age. How is it for these vaccine companies to invent boosters for each mutant varient in the future.?

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