Interview with Tweep Farwa Naqvi @farwanaqvi_

Please introduce yourself in few words?

Maulayi, mast malang!
To define is to limit. Dr sajid rahim has been generous to say this couplet for me I’d choose to answer this with;

تیرا حق ہے کہ لکھی جائیں کتابیں تجھ پر
حرف دو حرف تری نذر بھلا کیسے کریں !

ساجد رحیم

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?

Ziarat Imam Hussain asw, azadaari, healing, hepling & saving lives everyday. Loving, sustaining myself in every way & having in me to make my dreams come true.

What is one thing you cannot do without?

Independence of thought & in all its forms is one the of the greatest blessings I’m grateful for.

What is your favorite food?

Chocolate & pasta. If you’re reading this, you have to send me some snacks or desserts!

Your favourite tweeps?

Thanks to Twitter I met such amazing friends here & I’m grateful to call them my friends

@nazranayusufzai, @110HussainRizvi , @AsliBinLaden, @DrSajidRahim & many more!

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


What are your healthy habits?

I prioritize my mental, emotional and spiritual health along with my physical health. Stay active, drink a lot of water and have my time with nature. Check in with myself, love, nurture and heal myself religiously every day. Try to balance all sectors of my life, at least try.

Your all time favourite movie?

I don’t get to watch a lot of stuff anymore due to lack of time & energy & am more of a reader. The last movie that I liked was this movie called ‘Her’. It’s just as weird as I am so I like unconventional stuff & art cinema. Also, liked the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, the lunchbox & Talvar.

Your all time favorite song?

I am big on music so can’t choose one from my diverse taste but since this is, I’d take this opportunity to express how I’m obsessed with Abida Perveen & meeting her is one of my dreams. Also, I love Sajad Ali.

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?

Love, peace, justice & equality seem like fantasies to me in today’s world, sadly. When I was young, I fantasised about authoring a book & winning some highest recognition award, now I work towards making my dreams come true.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Karbala & Najaf are my only destination. Holidays, I am yet to go to.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Well, I am blessed and privileged to be a psychotherapist so my mental health is constantly in check. Otherwise, I won’t be able to work effectively so I am always in therapy and supervision. I am very spiritual and have a great connection there so it helps me. I think if you have explored and are aware of your inner true self, you always have a guide inside that helps you seeing clearly as to what you want. I have curated a life for myself in a way that I do stay align with myself, peace and meaning. A lot of things in life are choices for a lot of us. Also, boundaries & being true to ourselves hold utmost importance.

Your message for readers of

Mental, emotional, spiritual health are all physical health forms as well so prioritize them. Take up your space that you have come with in this world with. You are in this world to just be, so try to be the human being that you are and not a human-doing that you have been constructed by people and introjects here. Have a loving relationship with yourself and don’t settle for less than you deserve. You deserve your love and you are worthy and enough. Also, be mindful of your impact on others. Life is now & too short to fret.

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