Why Job Market in Pakistan is So Bad Right Now

Why Job Market in Pakistan is So Bad Right Now

During my few years in the professional and working life I have never seen it so bad. The dearth of opportunities in Pakistan right now is alarming. Acute shortage of job advertisement is shocking because even in bubbling sectors like Cloud and technology, there is not much out there. Why Job market is so bad right now?

Yes I know that few sectors have been hit hard by Covid but Pakistani tourism and hospitality sector was never a deal maker. It was always about services, labour and outsourcing in different sectors. All of them have dried up and there is not much there. And you can obviously imagine the competition for those few jobs. In every city of Pakistan; from Karachi to Lahore and from Peshawar to Islamabad the situation is dire and same. Job centers in Pakistan like Faisalabad, Sialkot and others look barren.

The job market is worst and so bad in Pakistan. With a cGPA of 3.9/4, a 4 year content writing experience, and months of sending out CVs, theres still nothing but unpaid internships? 63% of Pakistan is its youth and there aren’t any jobs for them? There was general statement about career choice of our youth as majority of young lot choose the fields I mentioned and then later face issues like joblessness or very low salary as compared to the hectic work load and threats of layoffs.

Some people says that’s because of wrong career choice at job seekers end and lack of planning at government end. Pakistan needs graduates in diverse fields instead of only electrical engrs, computer/IT people or Business administration graduates. But that’s not really true as I am in social sciences, every field you pointed out above has people jobless as well. Some people say that right question is, why should a company hire? What valuable skills do you have to get inducted into top companies?

In IT industry programming sector is currently running out of experienced skilled people. But the requirement is too high. Thats the thing everyone wants “experienced” people what about the people who are freshers? The same is the case where I have been applying for transcripts at my university. A transcript costs 1000, imagine taking out 7. So disappointing. Yeah it may take some time to build your profile. I have been doing that but my parents disapprove. Plus i dont know if its a “career” i mean i get a lot more done when i have to somewhere at work. Its kinda tough constantly staying at home. Plus content creation does not pay that well i believe. 

There’s a ton of content writing jobs in the industry right now. Follow the right companies on LinkedIn and look up jobs on various sites. If you are Karachi based check out Logicose, Cubix, and Gaditek. I have been looking for organisations mostly related to International relations or social sciences to step into but ther is nothing much really out there. If you have 4 years of experience in content writing, don’t go for these 30-35k per month jobs with hectic routines. Freelancing is the best option that you can pursue with your studies and can earn a handsome amount in a month. 


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