Why Nawaz Sharif Residence is Attacked Again and Again?

It happens almost every month that someone attacks Nawaz Sharif or Ishaq Dar on the street, or in the park or at their residence. We know that PTI goons plus the handlers of PTI hire criminals to attack the former 3 time Prime Minister of Pakistan but my question is why on earth Nawaz Sharif and his aides allow that to happen that easily?

So much so that these criminals were easily able to barge into the ICU ward of Begum Kulsum Nawaz, the ailing wife of Nawaz Sharif sometime back. These criminals tried to take her photos and allegedly tried to harm her on her death bed. Even then we never heard that PMLN took any action against those criminals. All we heard that Met police was informed and investigations were underway and that was about it. This is the prime reason why it happens again and again. This lethargy and lack of followup and response emboldens these criminals.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif has tweeted, “Resorting to gross CRIMINALITY in the face of political frustration and defeat. Peoples voice will not be silenced by low life 3rd rate criminals. #NawazSharif is the voice of the people of Pakistan and will not be silenced, Insha’Allah. May Allah protect you #NawazSharif.” And her supporters have liked and retweeted her tweet and also showed solidarity on Twitter and I believe that’s about it. While the enemy is attacking them on the ground, they are just responding on social media from their phones. 

No wonder it never stops. The latest video of attack on Nawaz Sharif is quite alarming. If you look closely, the black guy who’s wearing a suit and holding files has an athletic body. His biceps are big and he looks like a trained man! In the end, their sick attitude when 1 black guy showed a “middle-finger”. It’s time Nawaz Sharif should increase his security. PTI says that those people were from debt recovery team but that’s seems unlikely or may be they were in the garb of that. 

Anyway, if PMLN and Nawaz Sharif and their aides won’t retaliate or respond, this will keep happening. Also for the Met police; This should be the matter of concern if it comes in your jurisdiction. How somebody could be attacked in the presence of world class police. If this is fabricated/concocted then the guilty must be brought to justice. This must be the matter of dignity for police department.

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