Mood Swings in Pakistani Girls During Periods

Nature can be so cruel but this cruel and unfair I had never thought about that before having these gruesome periods. Pakistani girls periods are a taboo to discuss but why not? It’s just a natural phenomenon and its painful too and we need to discuss so that we could lessen the pain with common wisdom.

Has anyone else’s pms/period cycles gotten worst as they advance into their twenties? before my period not only do I feel out of it and unable to focus I also feel like if someone touches me I’ll shatter and break. Mood swings is one thing but the whole bady shakesa and I really want to melt down. I really want to go back to my childhood or just become a boy to not to have these very painful periods. Boys would never understand. They will laugh or just shrug it away. Only we know our pain.

Actually in mid twenties body demands are changed but we ignore it and then wait till 30 it becomes worst. The pain has gotten 10x worse, the mood swings too. Also the mood swings are exceptionally severe and unpredictable. Twice every month unless I act like a perfect human being one month i.e proper sleep diet exercise good mental health. It is exhausting.

I feel the mood swings and its impact gets stronger. Even body pattern changes and all this goes down the hill after 30. The reality is that the mood swings are so much more intense now. i think my hormones have changed. it’s all completely unmanageable without the pill. I don’t know how easy it is to access in Pakistan for unmarried women but mirena coil is good.

Period pain on the first and second day is literally a near death experience. If God could just grant me one wish biologically, I’d tell him to pause my period, till I’m ready for childbirth. I always tell God to make me a man when my period is coming and take me back to being a woman after the time it’s supposed to come elapses. The struggle is real and painful.

  • Is it tummy pain?
  • Is it the intense lower abdominal pain /pulling?
  • Is it the crazy thigh and back aches?
  • Is it the nausea that accompanies it?
  • Is it the lack of appetite and irritability?
  • Is it the diarrhea/constipation?

My biggest prayer is that during my period , it should not hinder me to loose an opportunity because I’m always paralyzed throughout that period. I used to drink yerba buena tea, mint. That, a heating pad, and midol helped me. Share your remedies and tips please.

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