Interview with Tweep Safi Saheb @nawab_safiullah

Please introduce yourself in few words?

I’m name Shahzade Hazrat Muhammad Safiullah Jah Bahadur but friends & family mostly call me “Nawab Sahib”. I like to speak/write/debate about Timurid, Islamic and Pakistan’s history.

What’s your accomplishment so far in life?

My biggest accomplishment so far is I’m trying to follow some Sunnahs in each & situation of my life.

What is one thing you cannot do without?

That thing is chrome app of my mobile. No matter where I am but I always make sure to have internet so I could search about anything which I find interesting.

What is your favorite food?

Food having meat is like heaven for me but I think I have some special relation with Saji and Kabuli Pulao.

Your favourite tweeps?

Tweeps by mean Twitter handles? If yes then Huzaifa Nizam and Tequieremos are some of my favourite people on this website.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Facebook & Instagram are not for me.

What are your healthy habits?

In my opinion the number one is “fact check”. Whenever I read about some thing, my next step is to verify it and get to know more about it by different sources.

Your all time favourite movie?

Many including Titanic, Mah e Mir, Sanju, etc

Your all time favorite song?

Pardardari & Maikada

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?

Want to preserve architectural assets of Pakistan & Timurid-Mughal dynasty.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Globally my favourites are Samarkand, Greece & Rome but locally I’m in love with Kashmir & Gilgit.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

I strongly believe love, divinity & spirituality are basically for us to find out answers of those questions which aren’t available in books & stress is one of them.
But it also doesn’t mean I’m denying the importance of medications.

Your message for readers of pknama?

Try to associate yourself with the true identity of Indus Valley and Islamic history of our region. And for this all you have take interest in reading books & identity shaping of our nation.

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