Who is Sania Nishtar and is it BISP or Ehsas Program?

Who is Sania Nishtar and is it BISP or Ehsas Program?

PPP is not known for its development or welfare or any sort of progress during their tenures as governemnt so it was a good surprise when they launched Benazir Income Support Program few years back. The PPP government launched the Benazir Income Support Program to reduce poverty, and now allegedely PTI government has rebranded it as Ehsas program.

Mr Imran Khan, By changing the names of projects, institutions and buildings, you cannot erase the name of SMBB from the hearts of the people as is said by the PPP supporters. Benazir Income Support Programme not been closed. Before Supreme Court PTI Govt confessed that we only changed the card name and continued with Ehsaas program to the same Benazir Income support program.

No.1 Hallmark of Ameer Ul Momineen IK is“Murghee & Katta Programme”. His no 2 land mark is “Langar Khana program”. IK & Saneeya Nishtar may fraudulently call Benazir Income Support Program as “Ehsas” for another 2 years. After that BISP will be there forever to serve same women. Men must not invade personal space of a woman. Woman flinches in video below. Also has to be told that it’s “Mine” not Benazir’s income support. People might be poor but they are not idiots & must be treated with dignity. Self promotion doesn’t fool people.

Its Benazir Income Support Program, world’s one of largest social safety net providing direct cash support to million of the poor & needy since 2009, here is World Bank’s synopsis on BISP. Name change & making long queues of the people will NOT change the facts. You can’t deceive the people with blatant lies, despite spending millions on ads & changing name.

By the way, it was very surprising (a pleasant surprise though) to see that NS didn’t rename or relabel the Benazir Income Support Program. There is no doubt that Ms. Sania Nishtar is leading the Ehsas program very well. But if Benazir Income Support Program was fake, is there any mention of this program in government papers? Profile of Sania Nishtar is also still unknown and we don’t know who she is.

Women: Mujhy Benazir income support program sey paisay milty thy 2 month sey nahi mily.
ImranKhan: Abb us ka name change Kar diya hai.

You can kill a man,but not an idea.

Now after being exposed badly you are admitting that its Benazir Income Support Program, but mode of payment is changed from direct credit to long queues insulting & humiliating women, just because you don’t want Shaheed Bibi’s picture on it. Guess how weak this government’s connection with the people is that for the last three years, the difference between the Benazir Income Support Program and the Ehsas Program has not been explained to the people.

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