pak vac Vaccine Price in Pakistan and Efficacy

pak vac Vaccine Price in Pakistan and Efficacy

So what is the price of pak vac vaccine in Pakistan and what is it efficacy. Where is it available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan. Who is the manufacturer of pakvac vaccine and who has vetted and checked it from the health department? Are CanSino and pakvac are same vaccine?

Let’s start spreading the word about the PakVac to appreciate the vaccine of Covid 19 made in Pakistan, as it’s the huge step forward for Pakistan. May Allah SWT bless Pak with much much more strength and blessings. Pakistani scientists develop Covid19 vaccine, PakVac, with the help of China. Congratulations & well done Pakistan. PakVac vaccine for Coronavirus has passed the rigorous internal Quality Assurance testing. The lab results are encouraging too.

This vaccine is manufactured locally using raw materials provided by China’s CanSino Bio Inc. Pakistan develops homemade vaccine ‘PakVac’ with help from Chinese company. Country hopes to produce 100,000 doses per day initially. Alhamdullilah Pakistan is ready to roll with its first homemade anti-covid vaccine ‘Pakvac’. This is a great achievement and milestone. It’s good move especially when there is a shortage in vaccine. Hope that it will be effective but questions need to be answered.

Health Ministry claimed that we have just started producing Cansino single Dose Coronavirus vaccine locally. Another milestone achieved. Kudos to all who made this possible. Pakvac (covid-19 vaccine), Pakistan zindabad. Pakistan has started to locally produce Cansino single Dose Coronavirus vaccine. Good and revolutionary step indeed and in sha Allah will benefit most of the people.

But some people are saying that they are just diluting the Chinese vaccine and presenting it as pak vac vaccine. But remember that this original Chinese vaccine is not even allowed in various countries of the world like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait. Is it because the efficacy is 60% or they don’t trust made in Pakistan products? Government must clarify this point as soon as possible. We don’t want another embarrassment on our hand just like that water-powered car. 

What is your experience with pakvac? Are there any side effects or after effects? Share your experience in the comments.


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  1. Author should had done some research before writing this piece. Even though the title it self is misleading “ pak vac Vaccine Price in Pakistan and Efficacy” . Firstly, Health ministry and other related authorities haven’t announced its price yet and it hasn’t been launched yet and secondly how can people Can give a feedback and experience about “Pak Vac” dose they never received expect for ones who participated in “Cansino bio” clinical trials.

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