Brazier Bra Panties Pakistani Girls Nightmare

Brazier Bra Panties Pakistani Girls Still Ashamed to Buy

Undergarments in Pakistan for girls is a taboo to be discussed and to be displayed in public even when shopping. Men shop for their wives and daughters in most of the cases except few of the big cities. In big cities like Karachi, ladies have better options to go out and shop for it. 

Whenever the word Brazier, bra or panties is uttered in public, men and boys started smirking, laughing or starting making crude jokes. It’s just a piece of cloth and nothing else for God’s sake. It’s for the human body part just like male organs and it’s not something which is to be used for luring or lusting. Especially the period panties are a boon in Pakistan as they have been recently introduced but yes we have to make issue of everything to make the girl’s life more hard. Pakistani girls bra is just an undergarment for comfort and necessity.

The less spoken about undergarment industry in Pakistan. And how, like the rest of the world, men get to decide what women should wear. The factory owners I spoke with, say that men want the undergarments to look appealing. Whereas women want comfort. Another funny thing is that men want the undergarments to look appealing” What is that meant exactly? Also men shouldn’t interfere what women want to wear.

Undergarments are supposed to be worn under clothes which are not see-through, if someone is wearing see-through clothes then the undergarment choice definitely shifts. The good thing now is that society is opening up as far as the bra business in Pakistan is concerned. All under garments are being sell openly even in small cities and on thailas. But the process of buying the bra and underwear for girl in Pakistan is very very hard. That is why girls just wear the same stuff for years.

Now here is the typical male mindset, “This is not strange, man is ahead in every field, he is also the best cook, he is also a tailor, he is also a caretaker, it is not appropriate to limit him only to men, social boundaries and restrictions are definitely there but both men and women are responsible.” We need to get rid of this mindset to make bra a regular thing in Pakistan. Make the lives of your fair half easier please.

Such important topic and its interesting to know men decide about women undergarment. So besides comfort, are the women also wanting to look appealing or not in Pakistan? Just asking. How do you separate the two? Well it’s not the question of attraction or not, though it’s a girl’s right to select teh best looking garment for herself as its her body afterall. It’s the question of comfort and choice. The good thing now is that with the online shopping, now girls can buy bra, panties, night gowns, lingeries and other undergarment online in Pakistan through websites. 


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