How to Get Vaccinated at home in Pakistan

If you have elderly parents or relatives or a patient and you want to get them vaccinated at home then the process is bit murky but the good news is that the option is available in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other cities of Pakistan and you just need to contact the authorities or may be pull some strings.

I got my mother vaccinated at home today. She suffers from a mental illness and it is really difficult to make her go to a public space or to a hospital. If you have someone at your home who is suffering from a mental illness, please ensure they get vaccinated too. There are options for those specially abled. Or suffering from mental illness. Really thankful to the DhoIslamabad and dcislamabad for working nonstop and efficiently to provide home service when needed. You’d have to send the ID no. to 1166 so the data is registered.

Thanks a lot to all of you for the kind words and prayers for my mom. Thank you for spreading awareness about this service. So many people I know have found it difficult to get their parents out either due to old age or temperament/mental state. This information is very helpful. Can depression patients who are on meds can get jab? They refused to provide vaccine to this person I know because she takes sleeping pills. You will have to consult with her doctor first. Tell the doctor the kind of medication she is using. And if the doctor says she is safe then get it done.

What is the process? My parents are too old, actually in their 80s and both of them cant walk as they have fractured legs and knee and also have many other medical issues as you can imagine at this age. I want my father aged 94 yrs to be vaccinated at home. I have tried to contact on the helpline 1133 repeatedly but no response. What should I do. Is there any body to help?

My father is suffering from mental illness same its really hard to take him outside but 1166 and no one picks up the call and I cannot take them to Karachi or Agha Khan hospital as that’s too far away.

How prepared is Pakistan to confront the prevalence of B1617 type of Coronavirus?


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