Tinted Glasses in Cars Policy in Pakistan

Tinted Glasses in Cars Policy in Pakistan

I’ve frankly never understood that with summers like ours, with temperatures soaring to 50 degrees, why are tints even an issue? And what about cars that come with privacy glass windows from factory? If tints are an issue, why not take their windows off too?

Allow people to have at least some degree of tints to block sunlight. Our summers a scorching hot. Our sun is bright as hell. People don’t just get their cars tinted so they can feel like a VIP. Many are just trying to decrease sunlight in cabin. Taking action against tinted glasses to eliminate VIP culture? How does it happen when you only stop small vehicles with 25% tint and can’t even stop the big ones with full tint? Double standards of the policy makers are on display here.

On top of all, this is useless action, why? because if you apply those shades the VTL of a shade, which is legal is less than that of a 25 percent tint meaning you can see more in side and out of the car with a 25 percent tint than a shade, which also makes shades extremely dangerous. Plus why don’t they go after vendors selling it that openly across Islamabad? why not address the root cause and prime reasons behind it if they are so serious and concerned about it?

I was told by an Interior Ministry source that a large number of vehicles used by police are not even legally cleared by custom, excise & other government departments and their branches specially bullet proofs brought via Afghanistan and in use under very senior officials. Even large number of government employees when damage a car by accident or the same is stolen or even sold by them in parts. After years if at all any government official asks for return of the same they simply buy a kabuli car of same model and then put that number plate of government on it to return.

In extreme Summer what other option do we have to go for a 25 % tinted glass with shades. Targeting ordinary citizens and leaving 100 % tinted glass VIP’s is criminal and it’s extremely difficult to drive in this heat without any shade or tint. What’s ironic is that elite vehicles which are fully tinted and rule violators have a full time driver. We certainly are living in two different countries where the policy is different for the common man and there is no policy for the elite.

I wish, instead of this more resources are directed towards stopping rampant traffic light, speed and lane change violations etc. that effect people around the violators, not just themselves. There hasn’t been a single time I want stopped for having the tinted glass, bus baaten karwa lo. And when you ask about the said policy then they don’t have any answer. Anyway if you know the prices and rates of how much does it cost to get glasses of car tinted in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi then please let me know and any good contact. 

25% tinted glasses should be allowed in Pakistan where summer is so lethal.

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  1. This should be shown to traffic police in pakistan.

  2. Honda brv

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