Rahu Slams Federal Gov for its Failure to Ensure just Water Distribution

Rahu Slams Federal Gov for its Failure to Ensure just Water Distribution

The Sindh Minister for Agriculture, Mohammad Ismail Rahu has said that functionaries of the Imran Khan-led PTI government had always tried to push Sindh to backwardness through their ill-conceived and anti-people policies.

Rahu speaking to the media persons here on Thursday deplored that insane and incompetent rulers sitting in Islamabad had no acumen or plans to boost the agriculture sector and to provide any relief to farming communities across the country. Not only is the economy at stake but also the livelihoods of many farmers across the province’ he said. Rahu said depriving Sindh of its due share of irrigation water was a crude joke with the people of the province adding he held the chairman of Irsa responsible for the banditry on the waters of Sindh at Taunsa Link Canal.

He said that the agriculture sector had already suffered a lot due to self-centered policies of the rulers imposed on the country and water crisis in the tail-end areas would further cause the destruction and devastation for the farmers in number of the districts adding he warned of the backlash from people of Sindh if was continued to be denied of the due share of water as per the water accord. Rahu said that keeping in view the climate change and its impacts on the crop pattern in Sindh, the Sindh government had already initiated a number of initiatives to avoid the misuse of water . “

With the adoption of new plans by the experts of the department we have getting positive results” he added, asking the rulers in Islamabad to mend their ways and treat all federating units alike and ensure the water and resources with no discrimination. Rahu said that currently all barrages of the provinces were facing the worst water shortage due to which farmers as well as the common people were forced to come on the roads to register their protests after failing to get their due share of water in almost every part of the province adding he made it clear despite the record shortage in flows high-ups as well as officials were trying their best to ensure the fair and judicious water distribution in canals across Sindh.

The Sindh minister said that the PPP leadership had always believed in the freedom of press and said that those who had failed to deliver good to people were trying to muzzle the media. He said that those, who were claiming to boost the economy of the country were just trying to hoodwink the people and trying to distract the attention of people from the hikes in the prices and worst governance.He warned of the dire consequences if water was not provided in rice cultivation zones of the province and added that entire Pakistan might face severe food crisis if farmers were not provided with water for the cultivation of paddy.

Mr Rahu also lashed out at some lawmakers of PTI, who according to him, instead of asking high-ups of the federal government to ensure the fair water distribution across the country as per the indent were issuing concocted statements while sitting in Islamabad and Karachi. Rahu asked the PTI leaders from Sindh to read the chalking on the wall and stop duping the people just to please their masters, who according to him, had miserably failed to provide any relief to the masses.

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