Why HC Bashir and HC Ishtiaq Were Killed in Islamabad?

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We strongly condemn the killing of 2 policemen, HC Bashir & HC Ishtiaq both on Motorcycle Patrolling Duty late last night in Islamabad. Our police face daily threats & better armed criminals & many have laid down their lives fighting terrorists also. Police has been doing a fantastic job in the federal capital and they are unsung heroes for a long time now.

Government must try to provide them better training and equipment. Please provide them pick n drop too. Own this institution to raise it high. TTP claims an attack in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, targeting police. This is the third attack in Islamabad after last year’s mergers. The first was IED blasts. This one is similar to the last one in which police officers were killed in hit-&-run target killing.

The incident took place in front of NUTECH university while the attackers managed to flee from the scene. The martyred policemen were identified as Basheer and Ishtiaq. Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed took notice of the firing incident in the federal capital and summoned a report from the Inspector General (IG) Islamabad. This is very dangerous situation.

Islamabad Police has sprung into action now and there is heavy contingents of security officials rushed to the incident’s site and commenced an investigation. But in order to keep the morale of Police up, the culprits need to be found asap.

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