Zina and Malala – Is She Promoting Fahashi?

Zina and Malala - Is She Promoting Fahashi?

I think we really do hate Malala in Pakistan, don’t we. Conservatives hate her because she defies the stereotypes, whereas liberals hate her because they are jealous. Political leaders are scared that she would one day  become Prime Minister due to her popularity in West, whereas establishment is scared of her Noble prize winning.  Common person is affiliated to any of the previous groups so they hate her too.

Zina and Malala is the topic of day these days. So what exactly Malala has said about partnership and marriage. Why there is so much ruckus. Trust me, whenever she says something or even she doesn’t say anything; people just abhor her. The common perception in Pakistan is that her father has staged this whole drama where she was shot, then became star of the West, won the Nobel prize and now her father is cashing on her fame and become wealthy day by day and one day he will bring her to Pakistan so that she could become Prime Minister.

“I still don’t understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can’t it just be a partnership?” said Malala in her latest interview for British Vogue magazine. And this sparked an outcry in Pakistan on the lines, “Why on earth is she being presented as some Muslim icon. She is literally promoting zina here”.

And then after realizing what she said and how it was taken in the Pakistan, Malala apologized. She apologized and asked for forgiveness. What else do you need now.?
Means Muslims can’t do mistakes? When she said she regret about it then it’s better we leave it right there. But people say that her father made her apologized because he knows that she won’t be abl to become Prime Minister if she toes that line.

But people are not buying the apology.

The common reaction is that is that how can she say to have a partnership without a Nikah by being a Muslim?. Absolutely true that it is endorsing zina. Basically the old colonial strategy of using ‘White Man’s burden’ to save the ‘Orient’ as a cover to interfere in the Muslim world…repackaged for the modern times in the garb of ‘rescuing Muslim women’. Word on the street is that it is part of a well calculated western strategy to prop her up an icon. Malala is an apt example of west, about how to nurture a child to make them their slave & then further use them to motivate other kids/youth to be part of their propaganda. She is saying what her western master want and her parents shouldn’t have married either.

She isn’t promoting Zina, My simple question ? Didn’t Malala’s Father cleared the position? Don’t girls avoid marriage questions usually?


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