Interview with Tweep Y@SiR @YsOSeriousYY

Please introduce yourself in few words?
I am not the most humble guy around , I have a constant drive to learn new stuff and i love problem solving. ~Plus i have an extremely low tolerance towards stupidity!

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
I see my parents and my wife are proud of me and that feels great , i am a self made guy, have been working since i was 18 from selling cigarettes to call center to now a consultant at the highest level i have come a long way.

What is one thing you cannot do without?
My wife and parents – i owe everything to them i was a no one until she gave me an objective & direction & supported a young boy aged 22. Also parents backed me when almost everyone used to tell them that i am an ill disciplined child and wont make a successful man.

What is your favorite food?
Long list , though biryani or a good wagyu steak sits on top of the pile. Plus i am crazy about desserts.

Your favourite tweeps?
Quite a few of them

  • introspection31 – professor is always very friendly and a foodie like me plus shes as real as it gets on twitter
  • TheRebelRise – elly is always very classy
  • FarhanRavian – tweets good stuff specially around pakistan political space
  • Lady_Says11 – crypto expert and a healthy food advocate
  • Fake_character – one of the best writers plus a highly intellectual personality
  • AtifRajaEhsan – my most active follower !
  • marryam aka alexa – though not on twitter currently but shes a good kid , energetic & cute
  • shutuuuuuppp – my first friend on twitter, a good hearted young brave girl.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Twitter all day long !!

What are your healthy habits?
I play soccer and squash regularly and can take a good picture or 2 if in a good mood Smiling face with smiling eyes. Key to a good health is a good sleep and i am lucky in that regard i sleep early and get up early as well plus i usually dont give a f*** of most people opinion about me hence that helps me staying healthy mentally.

Your all time favourite movie?
Dark knight

Your all time favorite song?
Again Long list , though if it has to be one then “divide – linkin park” is an all time favourite Along with NFAK’s – Hai kahan ka Irada

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?

  • I would like to travel the world
  • built an escape center in pakistan specially for domestic ladies who cant go out and are restricted to roti and boti all day.
  • Most important one lf i ever had a child, i would like a daughter and raise her to be as badass as possible!!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
London & Lahore. London have got so many memories and my favourite team chelsea, lahore is my hometown plus my parents / friends are there.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
I am not very good at this , but playing sports or online gaming takes my mind of stuff , a good song collection with a beach walk is another brilliant piece of therapy or some good dessert works best in my case.

Your message for readers of
If plan A fails then there are still 25 letters to go, keep striving to be a better person then you are today. You only get one chance of a life make sure its worth remembering, be a ray of light for People around you.

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  1. Loved it! Great interview!

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